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Haha, I got kind of drunk and wrote 6,000+ word comment!fic (!!!) last night for my fellow facebook glitter castaways. I mostly remember that it felt quite hazy at the time and I kept derailing to post random HEY R U LAFFING AT ME!? kind of comments at people, so I didn't think it was quite so massive, but it took me about all night tonight to just retype it (I have problems copying text from facebook comments, so transcription is the way to go). Aside from a POV switch, it was kind of... good. My drunk typing skills impress me, anyway! Can I put that on a resume as a relevant job skill?

Anyway, nanodoers, take note! Apparently it's really motivating to write a lot of words if you get kind of tanked and you've got one or two people who are probably also drinking clicking "like" every time you churn out a paragraph. All this is good for my summer 100k word count self-challenge, too!

25,149 ★ 100,000

Much more than half of that is R or NC-17, nearly all of it is RPF (which is, weirdly, a lot closer to original fiction, because while the scenarios and basic characters have a lot of primary source material, there's no other fic or scripted material to draw from). 726 words of it are for my hetfic big bang so... yeah, I haven't really been prioritizing my writing time toward actual [voluntary] deadlines. (Or getting any sleep, but that's another story.)

Having a general word count goal is ridiculously fun, because I can hop around, write ridiculous nonsense that goes nowhere, poke at various stories, write things that I know will and should never see the light of day, and it all counts! I strongly recommend it. I'm not saying it's necessarily a great writing exercise that will propel you to literary awesomeness or produce anything actually good - it certainly hasn't done much for my moral character according to random people on the internet - but it's like taking a bath in childhood joy. It feels like going back to the age when I first had chunks of time in front of a word processor with no one watching and nothing specific I was supposed to do. I've made a commitment with a deadline, so I can say to people, "No, I've got to write, I have a project/deadline/I'm behind pace/etc," and it's true, but then it's all playtime between me and the Georgia 14 pt type that is my vehicle of choice these days (and some liquor, which was not a part of my childhood Kittycat and Meowsers, Cat Detectives-era writing experience, but some things change while others stay the same).

(Also, WHO KNEW that cat detectives would become such a bizarrely popular genre? There's a whole rack of just cats solving mysteries at my local superstore.)

Now, to hopefully sleep!

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