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a much belated public fangirling

anr made me a whole series of beautiful Trip/T'Pol banners ages ago, and now I've put them up on my journal!


My journal design is not so stellar, but please refresh a few times and admire all the banners, which I've put in rotation. <3 <3 <3

My moodtheme is anr's too. Basically everything on here belongs to her, haha. Which means that she has a metaphorical garage full of Dancing With the Stars glitter crack, but who doesn't, really?

Perhaps now more Enterprise fic will happen by sheer force of inspiration!

(On another topic, I'm stuck at ~700 words of breakfast on het_bigbang. They're actually 700 really fucking depressing words, too, because I thought I'd start by writing Sarah from The Dead Zone right after Johnny Smith's coma-causing accident. Good one, Little Red? SIGH. Anyway, I thought BREAKFAST! Breakfast is a sure thing for me with writing! But now that's not going so well, and now my muse is all, 'maybe a long story would be easier!' because she's contrary. She suggests a version of The Road To DIAMONDS which would basically read like Dancing With The Stars: In The Tradition Of Sally Reeve. Or maybe I just need to restock my cereal cabinet and then breakfast fic will happen? Man, fanfic seems so easy when I don't actually try to write anything in particular.)


Poll #1764785 I blog, therefore I have opinions on things

When people set their comment pages to match their journal design (as opposed to being the plain LJ default), it:

... is awesome! Otherwise I never see their pretty layouts!
... DRIVES ME BATTY. Kill it with fire!
... depends on how ugly/slow-loading/difficult to read it is, so sometimes yes, sometimes no.
... depends on whether or not the journal style allows for instant comment replies on the same page, or if it loads a new page for each comment.
... is neither awesome nor sucky - I have no opinion!
... doesn't matter because I use style=mine on everything anyway!
... leads to a poll (a poll!) where I can enjoy ticking tickyboxes! (tickyboxes!)
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