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Fic: DWTS RPF, Pro dancer shenanigans, NC-17, "Always a Bridesmaid"

Okay, I really am sorry to spam your flists with my string of DWTS pr0n in general, but especially tonight, because this is pretty awful. Just sometimes you really need to write pro dancer orgies, and then you need a place to post it so the facebook citizens of glittercracktopia can read it. You know? It's a hard life.

Title: "Always a Bridesmaid"
Author: Little Red
Rating: NC-17
Category: Pros before hos. And Alec/Edyta. Set between seasons 4 and 5.
Summary: Edyta's bridal shower isn't the most traditional.
Author's Note: Love Nicole wanted a Vegas penthouse party with Kym, Cheryl, Maks, Edyta and Alec, with Tony being faithful to his wife but also touchy-feely. Or, in other words, the greatest prompt ever.


Kym's pretty sure the last time she went to a bridal shower it was nothing like this.

Of course, the last time it wasn't Edyta's, and it wasn't in a closed Las Vegas nightclub at four in the morning.

It was outside Sydney, actually, her cousin's. She recalls playing a lot of party games where you had to rhyme various wedding-related words with other words and everyone laughing uproariously if anything came out remotely sexual. Most of the time no one came up with anything sexy, though, so everyone just admired the monogrammed towels and new kitchen appliances and then went home.

She doesn't think about her own bridal shower much anymore, not since coming to America, since meeting these people.

"I didn't even know Vegas nightclubs closed," Alec says, then drinks a shot. For some reason, Tony's behind the bar, while his buddy who manages the place is snogging an off-duty cocktail waitress in the corner.

There are still people in the club, just fewer - the manager, a few of his buddies, the random drunk girls you find everywhere in Vegas - and them. Their girls' night turned into a girls-and-guys night when Maks texted Cheryl about the option to party in a closed club, and well, Kym didn't really plan to sleep tonight anyway.

And she doesn't miss the way Maks is looking at her, and at Cheryl, and even Edyta, who has draped herself over her betrothed.

"Ah-ah," Tony says, eyes twinkling. "Not before the wedding, you two."

Alec nods at Edyta, communicating something silently in that way they seem to do even more since they got engaged. Edyta leans across the bar. Tony meets her halfway and kisses her, like he was in on the silent plan.

Maks cheers, but it's really only remarkable since Edyta's about to get married. They all do this, whenever it's dark and they start drinking. They're just comfortable around each other - that's what it is. That's why Kym distracts Maks from teasing Edyta by grabbing the hem of his shirt and tugging him to her.

His mouth is warm, familiar, his tongue lazy in her mouth like he gets when he's happy and drinking and there's only them, only the pros. It's different when someone else is partying with them – friends or significant others that aren't part of their little club.

His hands smooth up her torso and then stay there, holding her close while he turns his head because Cheryl's there too.

Cheryl has a sexy little giggle she makes in her throat when Maks kisses her, and it makes Kym want to laugh out loud, because whenever Cheryl giggles, there's always trouble ahead.

She kisses Maks' neck, licking and sucking. Karina once said that Maks doesn't deserve the kind of attention Kym and Cheryl tend to lavish on him at parties. Karina never thinks men should get anything for free. Kym prefers this easy give and take - she's kissing him, but she might even enjoy it more than he does.

"Well," Edyta says, startling Kym with a tap on the shoulder. "Aren't you all being selfish? It's my party." Alec is behind her, hand on Edyta's waist, just touching her lightly with his fingers like he's open to sharing. Kym wonders if that will change in September.

Cheryl giggles again, signaling trouble. Kym doesn't even have to guess what she's thinking.

She says, "You're right." Cheryl is biting her lower lip, but she's anything but coy. "We should give you a proper sendoff."

"Both of you," Kym chimes in.

Tony's smiling that wide grin. "Stay here," he says, and then he's back a minute later holding up a key card. The manager, arms still full of a busty brunette in a miniskirt, gives them the thumbs up. Apparently there's a plan in place for this sort of thing. Kym's going to have to remember this place the next time she's on the strip.

The key opens a suite on the twenty-fourth floor with the club's name by the door. "For their VIP guests," Tony says, "no cameras."

Kym blinks, feeling the effects of a whole handful of shots. She hadn't even thought of that.

And then she lets the thought go again, because she feels long, slim arms around her waist, and Edyta is behind her, pushing her toward the setup of couches. "I'll miss you, Kymmie," she says with delight, before the kiss.

Edyta tastes like coconut. She always tastes like something good. Her hands feel good too along Kym's bare arms, raising prickles along her skin.

The kiss is broken by Cheryl, laughing. "You're not dying, Edy."

Edyta laughs too, but Kym wonders how marriage will change her involvement in the group's more sexual parties. Kym's been here a year already, but she's not entirely sure of all the rules – Tony's married, and he's here. Lina knows all about these parties, doesn't seem to mind her husband kissing and touching. Tony always keeps his pants on, calls Lina when he leaves to go back to his room alone.

She's hoping for that, for Edyta to still participate as much as she's willing – Alec too, although she's never been as close with him – because she'll miss them. This is a strange form of intimacy, to be sure, but it works, makes her feel alive and sexy and loved and less lonely when she's so far from home.

Kym has only been with Edyta, so to speak, a few times. Women used to leave her cold, before her; she still prefers men, but Edyta certainly leaves her warm, knows the right combination of alcohol and long fingers to bring her over, and she always comes laughing, always opens her eyes to Edyta beaming down at her like they're sharing a funny secret. She'll miss that, if it ends.

There's a clank of glass on glass. It's Cheryl, laying out bottles of unlabeled liquor on the coffee table. "No sex party suite is complete without this!"

Maks laughs. "That's my girl."

There's a scuffle to find glasses before coming up empty. "This is not a problem," Edyta says, pulling the collar of her shirt open and bending back with the flexibility another group might find astonishing, exposing the hollow of her collarbone.

Alec's the first, pouring something light brown on Edyta's throat and drinking it off. He puts his arms under her back for her to rest on, and then hands the bottle to Kym.

It has a pouring spout on it, which means Cheryl somehow walked out of the club with full bottles from behind the bar without even a sack to hide them in. Kym pours the liquor, leans close, and Edyta swallows as Kym goes to drink, the movement pushing the coconut rum into Kym's mouth.

She kisses Alec over his future bride. He flicks his tongue in her mouth.

Without glasses, with only each other's skin as a vessel for the shoplifted booze, clothes start coming off. Never all of them - no one ever gets completely undressed at these, like it's some unspoken rule where everything's fine, normal, so long as everyone's wearing a skirt or a bra or a tank top.

Kym didn't come in with a bra, and her dress is one piece, so she's stuck in just underwear by the time any of them make it to the bed. Alec's hands are caressing her legs while Cheryl's fingers are in her hair, and Kym's kissing Edyta again until Maks pulls her away. It's an easy exchange. They're used to switching partners on the dance floor, and on some level, it doesn't matter whose hand is on her breast or which mouth she's kissing, In times like this, her heart belongs to all of them.

Objectively, she likes Tony's kiss the best, perhaps because it's the one she gets least often. Maks' kiss is different each time, each day, like him – angry, passionate, powerfully connected or withdrawn and almost unfriendly. They fucked once without the others there, at his place, and he was strange about it for weeks, so she's careful around him. Alec is easy, if not terribly focused - he's always there at these parties, always someone she crosses paths with, but she always suspects he's comparing her.

How much she's like Edyta, or unlike her. Kym has wondered that too - not because Alec is particularly her type, but because Edyta seems so utterly confident in her decision to marry him, so comfortable that this won't change her for the worse. After her own wedding that wasn't, Kym wonders if she has it in her to ever be that sure.

Tony, Tony is reliable. Kym knows he loves her - not like he loves his wife, or even the way Maks loved her for an hour while they fucked in his apartment - but just that he's always there for her. His kiss is always constant, his hands so certain on her skin, sure of himself, of her.

She's wrapped up in that, in the comfortable kiss and the inch of space between Tony's chest and hers, and she somehow misses the change of plans until someone grabs her hips and yanks her backwards.

She yelps in surprise and sees that it's Cheryl. "We need you."

Maks is holding Edyta's hands above her on the sea of bed (it's larger than any bed Kym's ever seen - two pushed together, surely - and she never really questioned that because it's clear they are using this room exactly how it was intended to be used). Alec is holding his bride's feet, but it's clearly just a symbolic gesture - from the look on her face, this was Edyta's idea.

If she ever finds her Alec or her Tony and confidently blazes her way down the aisle til death do she part, Kym wants to go out of her single life like this.

They take turns, cover the beautifully naked bride-to-be with touches and kisses until she's writhing off the bed. She comes around Kym's fingers while Maks is kissing her, while the others are all touching her, and Kym has no idea what it must be like to be so exposed, but in that instant she's craving it with more jealousy than she has ever felt over Edyta's diamond ring.

And fuck if Edyta doesn't smile up at all of them, say something in Polish they all understand means again, and the next time it's Alec between her legs and it's only in the morning that Kym will wonder through a blinding headache if they all crossed some kind of line, because they were all there, touching her while her future husband fucked her, and when Edyta said I love you, she was talking to all of them.

Kym ends up in bed with Tony, actually. She's rooming with Cheryl and Tony with Maks, but when Cheryl pointedly said goodnight with Maks' hand halfway up her shirt on their way back to the rooms, Kym ended up across the hall.

There are two queen beds available, but she lies on top of the quilt on Tony's bed while he wishes Lina good morning - it's well after breakfast on the East coast. He switches between languages, but it's in English - probably for her benefit - when he tells Lina that Kym's there with him, mouths that Lina says hello. Kym wonders if she'll ever find a man as faithful.

"If you're staying here, get under a blanket," Tony tells her after the call is over, in the mother-hen voice he sometimes uses with his celebrity partners.

She rolls her eyes, half asleep already, and manages to squirm under the top quilt - close enough.

"Was quite a party," he says. "I'll have to tell you someday how I met Joe - the club manager."

Kym mentally revises her wish list - a man as loyal as Tony who does not babble small talk while she's halfway between drunk and hungover and all the way trying to sleep.

"Those two really love each other," he continues. "It's lucky, they've had this."

She turns over just enough to make a face at him, and he laughs at her. "They still have us," she says.

"True. We love them, too."

She turns back around and starts to doze. A warm hand worms through the bedding to touch her shoulder. "I love you too, Tony," she says.

He laughs. "And I love you."

"Now shut up," she adds. She's in his room, in his bed, telling him what to do, but that's the sort of love they all have.

The sort of love they have when they're drunk, at least. Usually they're a little less forthcoming about it all.

She falls asleep, knowing there'll be hell to pay in the morning when her hangover hits, and doesn't regret a thing.

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