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I need to become a better bad writer.

See, my het_bigbang/Kiss Kiss Big Bang fic is bad. Not in an 80s slang way - it's just not very good. The emotional development isn't flowing organically, the plot is tacked on and/or nonexistent, and the tone/writing style still hasn't settled down. Am I writing a comedy? A drama? A shopping list? It's hard to tell!

Now, I'm told that this is normal for people who write with multiple drafts. This can theoretically all be cleaned up with editing and rewriting, though that means I need to finish the first draft all the quicker. The problem is that I just kind of suck at pushing through with something bad and saying "I'll fix it later."

(And my neighbors are blasting shitty music and my laptop is really hot and I don't have minions bringing me iced tea. Maybe I should relo to one of the 10,000 coffee shops in this city.)

Okay, I think I just needed to complain. Though should you wish to comment with some variation of "You're soooooo awesome!" or "WRITE BITCH WRITE!" or threatening violence or extolling the virtues of really shitty writing, that would not go awry.

*blows kiss*
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