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Okay, technically I have written 2 months out of a 13-month story, so maybe 25% is a little optimistic, and I have no clue what my next scene should even be, but THERE ARE WORDS NOW IN THE DOCUMENT, HOORAY.


And the date... <3 to everyone. My dad was a block away 10 years ago, and we got lucky. When we finally got phones up long enough for me to learn he was alive, he told me to go back to studying, to give in as little as possible. He comes from Israel, where terrorism is a part of life in a way that's almost impossible for me to understand ("How do you just go to the grocery store every week knowing that you might get blown up?" "You need groceries, don't you?").

God bless all the first responders, and the families of those who couldn't make the same phone call my dad did, and everyone who has suffered so much in the last 10 years because of that day. I'm so grateful to be American - may we all be even a little bit as brave, selfless and remarkable in our lives as those men and women who ran into a crumbling building to save people they didn't even know. That's the story I want to tell my children - not that there are people out there who hate us and want to destroy us, but that there are people right next to us who might give everything to save our lives. <3 <3 <3
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