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Shocking no one, I'm dropping out of het_bigbang! I might actually finish The Road to DIAMONDS!!11! by the end of the month anyway, but someone was like "oh hey, this is the last weekend before it's due!" and I was like "what in the WHAT WHAT?" I'll be honest: I put work ahead of fic this past week. And drinking. I also put that instead of fic. And then having a migraine for like four days, which I would not intentionally have put ahead of writing, but sort of shouldered its way in there anyway.

I don't know if failing to write a 25,000 word fic about Dancing With the Stars is more or less embarrassing than signing up to write one in the first place, but at this point I'm so far in red as far as coolness goes that I probably don't need to sweat it. Other ways I am not cool right now:

1) I gave my blog address to someone I know through work after mentioning that I'm A Writer On the Internet. My most recent story on here is an awful DWTS pro-dancer orgy that was written in facebook comments when I was drunk off my face and not subsequently edited. I think the reaction will be something like "... well, I don't think we need to worry about losing her as an admin to the exciting world of bestseller publishing." Never. Getting. Promoted.

2) After mainlining the truly awe-inducing archives of Baby-sitters Club Book fashion moments on the epic blog What Claudia Wore, I now think 80s crop-top sweaters, giant homemade jewelry and neon are viable fashion choices (okay, I always kind of thought that). Pardon me, I'll just be over here being 29 years old and borrowing that entire series from the library.

3) I'm a little scared that I might actually explode into a cloud of glitter when Dancing With the Stars starts up again on Monday.

Next up: ... well, finishing this fic anyway, but I now have until the end of September instead of the 25th because...

Next next up: sparktober!

And after that, NaNo, wherein I plan to write a totally non-autobiographical snark-fest about the Secret Lives of Admins! So many other things I can also quit redeem myself with! (Besides, you guys know I won't quit anything having to do with sparktober, since it's basically my high holidays. Actually, go ahead and re-friend that community now, because I'm about to post some September Is Really Just Sparktober Eve planning posts.)
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