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Life Skills to Aisle 5, Life Skills to Aisle 5

I'm ridiculously proud of myself right now. I was hungry, I found something to cook, I cooked it, and then ate it. Amazing! It only took me three hours to get from step 1 to step 2. This is like Nobel-level accomplishment compared to the rest of my weekend. And we're not going to talk about when I'm going to wash the frying pan, either.

This entry has already taken half an hour. Ha. I'm not doing anything else, either. I'm just staring at my computer monitor wondering how to make words go. This month is either a CFIDS flare-up or I've made the lifestyle choice to become a gibbering idiot - I'd figure it out for sure, but I'm too busy trying to remember how to blink.

I'm really hoping I can get my brain back soon, though! I have so much I want to do for sparktober and I'm running out of time!

Plus - NaNoWriMo is coming! I'm traveling for a few days in November and then my parents are staying with me for the last 11 days of the month, so I need to be prepared to get mah crappy novel writ as fast as possible! I'm almost surely going to write a chick lit novel about fictional admin shenanigans, because my snark for that is probably ready to go, but I have only vague characters and story ideas. Meanwhile, I've fallen in love with world-building "Mirror Hollow: All My Tassels" - a mystery/satire/crack DWTS RPF AU set in a soap opera town where everyone has a secret. I've got characters, story, and Karina totally runs a strip club next to the Chermy Brothers Auto Shop - but it's complicated, so will ultimately be more difficult to write because I can't just spend 2K snarking about people who don't know how to use the fax machine or something.

Sleep patterns: I miss you. Call me. I know I got pissed at you when you just kept showing up at lunch and happy hour without calling first, but then you don't come home til all hours of the night, and when you're here you give me fever but leave me unsatisfied, and is that fair baby? We can work this out. I'm wearing the fleece jammies you love so much. Just come back.
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