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giant mutant mosquitos and erotica and excuses! (oh my.)

to celebrate Uncle Tony Day, keenween, jupiterempath and I stayed in, and watched television of varying degrees of... questionable.

Saturday nights on the Sci Fi channel is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing. There was like some sort of marathon of awful, *awful* movies about giant mutant killer mosquitos. I mean, I suppose it's a given that a movie about, say it with me, giant mutant killer mosquitos would, by its very nature, have to suck. But the fact that filming such a movie was a mistake made more than once stuns and amazes. I weep for anyone who saw the previews for these movies this week and thought "Wow, I *totally* have to stay home on Saturday night to watch this!" I can't fathom anyone watching movies of that caliber seriously, but somebody must.

Also, chick porn (oh excuse me, Oxygen Network, *erotica*). At any rate, it's porn, but less graphic (so it can be aired on TV in the US, I presume, but also because it's, well, for *chicks*), and with a "plot" and "character development" -- essentially, a live action Harlequin romance novel.

I had a weird dead-brain day with regards to writing... successfully wrote myself into holes in about three different stories that I couldn't bring myself to care enough to write myself out of again. It's just possible that watching "Grace" last night killed my desire to write anything at all. Or it could be that I'm just sick enough to be stupid but not sick enough to deserve actual pity, which is attested to by the fact that I couldn't follow the plot of whatever Stargate ep I put on today that I hadn't seen before and got up and walked away in the middle. I feel bad that I've lapsed in sending meg_tdj updates of "Second Chances", mostly because I don't want it to get away from me like so many WIPs past... but hopefully I'll get my act back together stat. Or, as karendreamer suggests, I could just write a story involving freaky alien raves and hyperintelligent kittens.

This is Little Red's brain. This is Little Red's brain on fever (though not as bad when it's just low-grade). THIS is Karen encouraging Little Red's brain on fever.

Tomorrow: GO PATRIOTS!!!!

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