Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

So, Farscape.

My friend Storm got me into it and in a fit of holiday crafting this weekend I watched until somewhere in season 3. Okay, knowledgable peeps, give it to me straight: when do I get off this boat?

This series just has that sadistic feeling where it will all just end in tears if you stay too long. You know when you aren't spoiled but just have this feeling that they're going to kill everyone off by the end? And not in a big explosion-oh-hey-we're-all-heroes-and-saved-the-universe-and-defenseless-babies-and-kittens kind of way but more like we've-got-you-hooked-so-now-we're-going-to-have-them-all-probably-kill-each-other-slowly-but-not-until-after-all-their-worst-nightmares-have-been-realized.

Spoil me, people. What is the ratio of "Genuinely Mostly Happy" vs "Insane and/or Dead" of Our Heroes at the end of the series? Because I am all about happiness and muppets and giant space whales and snappy one-liners and everyone randomly sexing each other, but I have no desire to have my emotional face chewed off. I'm very good at stopping at a happy place mid-way through a series and waving off the end without having seen it.

(But then, had spoilers existed in the late 90s, I never would have watched past the end of Season 6 of DS9, and I would have missed out on Ezri and the Alamo and Damar and that one time Vic Fontaine's holosuite program was taken over by mobsters. You see my dilemma.)

Farscapers: discuss.

Three more points:

1. It's hilarious how Ben Browder is basically already on SG-1, but more so. No wonder the producers were like "That guy. We need THAT GUY."

2. "Frell" still sounds ridiculous to me - sorry y'all who use this in everyday speech now - but I love the mental image I have of whoever developed translator microbes being all prudish and putting decency censors on them. You know that "frell" isn't a real word in anybody's language - it's the translator microbe version of when a chatroom automatically changes what you type to F*** and you're like "G*D D****T I WAS BEING PROFANE HERE ON PURPOSE." Random Space FCC for the win.

3. Best character? Pilot. Obviously. Though I have some deep abiding love for Chianna. I mean, chick brings her own grayscale wherever she goes. (I'm probably not spelling that right. I mean, I assume I'm spelling Pilot right, but you just NEVER KNOW with this show. I thought "Zan" and "Rigel" seemed pretty straight forward, but noooo, somebody needed more scrabble points.)

I'm not mocking your favorite show, guys. I love this. I'm just hyper after a long workday and BASICALLY FOUR WEEKS OF NOT BEING ON THE INTERNET AT ALL FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THAT MAMA RED GAVE ME A UKULELE.

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