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2012 update: Crochet!

I just really wanted to use my cheapie graphic again, OK?

I like how 2012 has stood for the apocalypse for so many years now and now it's just "the year we are currently in." Well, if we all fall off the end of the calendar in December, at least I will have spent a month learning to crochet.

I started, like you do, with a dishcloth. I've had these crochet dishcloths for ages in the gmail draft I use for craft links (because they didn't have pinterest in 2009 and I thought was only for fanfic and I'm not even on pinterest now because I'd like to live a little more before I never leave the internet again.)

Oh good, you can't see all the dog hair in the photo.

I'm still working on the sloppily slip stitched border to tidy up the edges a little (math tells me that with half-double-crochet I should slip stitch into two out of three rows, but it's hard for me to find which holey bit delineates a row). It's mostly error-free except for one missed stitch at an edge that made that part of it look a little chewed. Note to knitters: you miss a stitch and the project DOES NOT UNRAVEL! This also means if you're a newbie, you don't notice til way later.

Tonight I found some amazing, simple, oh-that's-how-you-do-it-okay-I'm-good-now resources:

Crochet 101: Chain Stitch, Single & Double Crochet - 6:42 of your life to watch a video, a minute or two of reading and picture-looking if you didn't understand all the terms, and DONE. They even throw in slip stitch free of charge.

OH GOD WHAT IS THIS, THIS IS WHAT CROCHET WAS MADE FOR. This Easy Peasy McPeasyPie crochet ripple pattern is obviously the spiritual reason why I wanted to learn to crochet, even though I never saw it before. I want to use this for afghans, pillows, covering my entire house, etc. Plus: Another teach for double-crochet (called treble crochet in the UK just to confuse you... and actually there are very good reasons for both names, so I can see the dilemma), with super tutorial pictures and text, and even if you don't care a bit about crochet just go look at the brightly colored afghan pictured so you can enable me to buy yarn in many colors.

I have a few ideas for Next Projects! Exciting!

(Meanwhile, in The Sims, all the time I'm spending crocheting and not micromanaging their electronic lives has resulted in everybody cheating on everybody and spontaneous fistfights breaking out! Whitby just got pregnant by the (male) maid, and then when she went to make him a sandwich, maid starts hitting on her sister Weylani! Then their mom came in and started yelling at him. Epic.)

FYI, if you have your livejournal settings so you overwrite other people's moodthemes, you're missing T'Pol proudly spearing a breadstick with a fork.
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