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2012 update: It's Okay to Crochet!


I have been to the land of crochet, and I am returned to you... very much the same as when I left, but with the need of a slightly larger craft bag and the desire to cover the earth with granny squares.

Learn To Crochet month is over! I'm not ready.

No, really, I'm not ready! Last week as the clock started to bear down on me I made a mental crochet-month bucket list of things I needed to touch on in order to have Learned Crochet:
  • A doily

  • Crocheting in the round without adding mystery stitches so I could be qualified to make those cute amigurimi crochet toys

  • Something requiring seams

  • The spats that started this whole thing!

(Then I started to get really crazy and started adding fantasy I-have-a-machine-that-can-stop-time-and-no-sense-of-scale items:
  • An afghan

  • Granny square poncho

  • I should probably learn beaded crochet

  • And make something that's my own pattern

  • Oh I could make a giant filet crochet tapestry with a picture of the Starship Enterprise

  • What if I just made an heirloom bedspread with crochet thread skinnier than dental floss NO REALLY WHAT IF I DID

AND SO ON but we're not going to talk about that.)

I got as far as "doily."

Some blocking required.

This pattern is the "Large Hipster Doily" in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, which is a yarn I have a lot of because the delicious-omg-can-I-please-just-eat-those-colors yells louder than the part of my brain that thinks stitches look messy in mostly-nylon yarn.

Things learned:
  1. Crocheting in a flat circle without adding mystery stitches

  2. How to make lacy & pointy designs

  3. Hipsters are apparently into doilies made of sock yarn.

So! I'm calling Learn To Crochet month a success! The people who label patterns for difficulty would now generously class me as an "Adventurous Beginner," which is clearly the greatest thing ever to be.

And I'm totally not giving up my hooks yet. I need that granny square poncho! (Also, I'm tempted by the wool-eater blanket crochet-a-long, and on the other side of the yarn store, I'm equally enthralled by this cowl-a-long where you knit beautiful cowls and earn free patterns!)

EVEN BETTER though... new month = new project! I had one thing in mind all week (okay, more than one thing... those knit/crochet-a-longs above are really tempting), but a few hours ago I changed my mind. So:

... I'm sure I can fit crochet in here somewhere.
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