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Fandom recs and babbling below! Short version:

Read: Blank Slate by irony_rocks
Watch: Running Up That Hill fanvid by tenacious_err

Long version:

I'm so in love (again) with Atlantis. I'm up to The Siege (all 3 parts watched last night while should have been sleeping yay)! Then I proved to myself how badly I need to organize my online presence because I had to google my own fics which I only kinda-sorta remembered. As a side note, I'm so grateful to all the love and squeee that still exists on the internet for my early fic offerings, because I found some of them via rec posts. <3 <3 <3

Oh, then I stumbled across IR's fic "Blank Slate" linked above, which I probably missed because I assumed it was a sprawling epic AU that would require me to clear my calendar and take lots of notes to figure out who everyone is (not that there's anything wrong with that) and there are spoilers for S4/S5 and-

Look, it's perfect! So if you missed it too, read it. It'll make you feel better, and then break you, and then make you feel better, and then you'll probably wonder how you're going to write anything else that belongs on the same internet. (JUST ME?)

Anyway, the reason I was kinda heartbroken and needed to feel better was because I discovered my x-box can play youtube videos on my new TV (6 more inches in diameter = whole new world of me continuing the delusion that I don't need glasses!). The search parameters are limited (and holy kavanaugh we have some truly terrible fanvids in this fandom, but I digress), but it stumbled me onto this video set to Placebo's cover of "Running Up That Hill" (which - can we have Placebo cover basically everything please? I need a vast array of music to dip into whenever I'm like "my day hasn't been quite atmospherically creepy enough"). NNGGGG SPARKY DAMMIT THEY DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING AUGHHHH JUST FIX IT SHOW, JUST FIX IT.

I think if I wrote my own sprawling fix-it epic it would (haha never get finished) make me feel better about the whole thing, but then I'd have to watch S4/S5 to be legit, and I've been advised that falls under "can never unsee."

Hey, though, I haven't written anything since last December. I don't think even a word! So please, fandomfriends, can you meme me some inspiration? Preferably Atlantis, but all my fandoms are acceptable! So, kinda from aj:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story write you a snippet of undetermined length!
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