Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

No. Internet. Might. Die.

I mean, except on my phone. I thought my perception of load time was just warped by a temporal anomaly since it was happening on all of my home devices, but apparently it's my modem.

I'm re-watching "The Fifth Race" (on DVD, how analog!) and it's kind of crazy watching it with Atlantis-era canon knowledge. Aside from my desire to yell "because he has the geeeeene!" at the screen... What the heck were the Ancients doing having base 8 math?

(I'm watching this for nefarious purposes. I'm considering sticking an AU Sheppard in an ancient library head-grabber thing. I finished 15k of Vegas-episode fic where there's no real plot except sex and breakfast - it's at beta! - and I miss my alternawoobies already. So I'm pondering torturing them with rehashed SG1 devices. Like you do!)

Daniel's dancing hieroglyph screensaver is always lolarious, even in 2012! (Not sure why my iPhone keeps correcting his name to Daniela, either. The secret fandom-crack life of my iPhone, I tell you.)

Also, did the Ancients evolve on Earth or were they just chillaxing there a few million years ago, then leaving, then coming back...? No nefarious purposes, just curious.

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