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Have I mentioned that while doing this Tok'ra'thon I'm also assembling a Star Trek: TNG jigsaw puzzle? The Enterprise is finished except for one section of the forward hull that's lacking some structural integrity (let's say it's the section the Borg carved out that one time!) and now I'm having trouble finding the rest of Guinan's hat.

"Divide and Conquer" It's half The Manchurian Candidate (brainwashed assassins!) and half Sam and Jack are in such deep denial that everyone thinks they're brainwashed assassins. You know this episode, but it's Tok'ra'tastic, so let's have at it!
  • Anise/Freya: I don't think Anise even shows up in this episode, possibly out of self-preservation given the SGC's current feelings about her, so it's All Freya All The Time. Freya comes from a planet where people have lots of sex (yay!) and also wear vinyl halter tops (wut.). Unlike Martouf's description of the host and symbiote loving and feeling as one, Freya has the hots for Jack while Anise is decorating Freya's cerebellum with Teen Bop-style posters of Daniel. If this isn't a prompt for 3.5some fic, I don't know what is. Anise and Freya have similar but distinct areas of specialization - Anise is studying ancient cultures and their technology, while Freya studies modern Goa'uld technology. Martouf refers to her as Freya and Anise pretty interchangeably in this episode, even though it's All Freya All The Time, which makes me think it's probably just an error in the script that among Tok'ra the host and symbiont are really treated as blended beings where most of the time both personalities exist as one, and it's not that often that you're really only dealing with one or the other. What amazes me is that neither Anise nor Freya decided to pass on the plastic shirt.

  • Martouf/Lantash: Lantash is kind of a symbiont of few words, I've noticed. He doesn't make an appearance in this episode. Martouf is adorably eager, as always. He likes Sam (though he doesn't try to smooch on her without warning, because he doesn't come from Freya's planet). He helps Daniel revise the treaty. Then he dies. :( At least he no longer has to live without Jolinar?

  • High Councillor Persus: Seriously, what happened to Garshon, the most hunted Goa'uld of all time and Teal'c's personal rebel hero? Wasn't she running the Tok'ra show just like last season? If you couldn't get the actress, why not just use this actor and call him Garshon?

  • JACOB CARTER: Where the heck was this dude for this episode? HELLO. He's a) supposedly the liaison between the Tok'ra and Earth, b) a USAF General, c) the only known Earthling host, and d) THE REASON YOU GUYS ARE HAVING AN ALLIANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE, and you're going to have a historic summit with the President of the United States and Jacob's off doing something else? REALLY? REALLY? Plus, it would only add an extra level of nightmare to Sam's day.

  • Tok'ra randoms: A few of them died in the opening scene of this episode. Ever since Anise told us about Egeria and how there have been no new Tok'ra for hundreds of years and their population is dwindling, every time a Tok'ra dies stupidly I'm like man, that guy just survived 2000 years of Goa'uld chasing him just to die before the credits? have some respect writers! and worry they're going to just RUN OUT of Tok'ra soon. AND THEN WHAT WILL I WATCH?

And this has nothing to do with the Tok'ra, but a billion years later: ARG, YES, I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT SAM SAID.

"Tangent" I love this episode. I'm not even sure why. Probably because of Jacob. He has a great scene of "SAMANTHA JEAN CARTER I TOLD YOU NOT TO BUG ME WHILE I'M BLOWING THINGS UP... oh? Well quit yammering then and let's go save your friends." Anise doesn't show up on screen in the episode, but she gives Daniel a coded hint to help them find Jacob. Which... why didn't she just say so? Was Freya sneaking messages past Anise?

"The Curse" .... there are no Tok'ra in this episode. For some reason I thought there were, so I watched it by mistake. I ship the hell out of Sarah/Osiris because that would make this sexy instead of tragic. So, no Tok'ra, but it's reiterated once again that sex with Daniel Jackson will only lead to some kind of supernatural suffering. A lot of women make this mistake, so this warning needs to be repeated often.

"Exodus" The Tok'ra are all HEY GUYS, WE HEARD YOU GOT A MOTHERSHIP, CAN YOU HELP US MOVE NEXT WEEKEND? They don't even buy Jack pizza and beer for his trouble. That's just rude. The Tok'ra have also decided to execute Tanith, as they planned earlier, but because they're still Goa'uld at heart they reveal their entire plan to him first so they can boast about their cleverness... and he escapes. Then they blow up a sun to destroy Apophis's fleet that has shown up, and Tanith survives I think, and I need notes.
  • Plan: Kill Tanith. Pile Tok'ra, Tok'ra stuff and Tok'ra Stargate in Jack's truck. Move to new planet. Drop off Tok'ra, stuff, and Stargate. Tok'ra buy beer.

  • Execution of plan: Tanith escapes. Apophis shows up. Put Tok'ra Stargate in truck and then blow up the sun. Tanith escapes. Tanith escapes again.

  • Result: Tanith = escaped. Teal'c = captured. Apophis death count = 4. Stargate and planet = blown up. SG-1 and Jack's Truck = another galaxy. Tok'ra & Tok'ra stuff = ????

Really, what happened there?

"Enemies" Yo! We heard you like bad guys! So we stuck some Replicators in your Mothership so you can Apophis while you Apophis! Or something. There's Jacob Carter and that's really all you need to know. Apophis death count: 5th time's a charm, boys and girls. Don't get too excited though, because Apophis's death just makes way for Anubis and human-form Replicators and Super Soldiers and Ba'al clones and Ori and you're going to just long for the O.G. over the top bad guy.

Next up... I couldn't remember, so I watched "The Tomb", and what was I saying about "I could take or leave that episode"??? That episode is THE BEST! I forgot that I had elaborate headfic once about the Russians forcing SG-1 to accept a Russian officer on SG-1 after all in "Redemption" and Jack's like WELL FINE SEND TOLENEVA SINCE SHE SURVIVED THAT EPISODE and then Carter is all YAY A LADY SOLDIER FRIEND and then is all HEY WAIT. While I'm making up headfic relating to the Russians I really want Svetlana Markov[a] to be around more, because I just loved her being snarky to Jack and Daniel and her and Sam's mutual genius fangirling.

"Proving Ground" Sam pretends to be a Tok'ra for five seconds and that's my excuse for watching this delightful, perfect, happy-day episode. Then I watched it again, so I could admire how perfect an episode it is and also so I could enjoy SG-1's ACTING skills again right away. I love that they're all just having a blast basically larping their own lives. Jack's by far the best actor of the bunch, and despite his crankiness he seems to really enjoy training/beating up the newbies. He's a jerk for having them set their intars to maximum though when he knows they're going to have to shoot a ton of SFs. I love how this episode spoofs "Foothold" - like Teal'c revealing the "alien plan" just in the path of a slightly open door. Also in this episode: Sam and Jack are bros now. It's kind of nice seeing them interact one-on-one without the sexual tension. It's like a glimpse into how their relationship will be once it chills out past the infatuation stage, and I predict it will involve them rolling their eyes at each other a lot. Jack will wind her up over unimportant things just because he's ornery, she'll be all "I'll go read my book in the other room if you're going to be like this," and it will amuse him no end.

Anyway! Next up I think is "Between Two Fires"?
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