Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Hey AO3 peeps:

(In my head, I'm calling you ay-oh-threeps.)

So let's say I've decided to stop sucking at internet archiving and upload all of my ficwriting shenanigans to my totally unused AO3 account. (At this point, I don't consider myself late to the party so much as retro.) Most of my stuff is really just on LJ - the original documents are a variety of messy sources. I could copy each fic into Word and edit it there. I imagine some of you have done this before - did you find an "easiest way"? Do you prefer to use their rich text uploader or code all your tags first?

Also: Is it kind of an asshole move to back-upload everything at once? And should I start at the beginning so that my 2002 derpiness is well-hidden in my list of works?

I confess: This rare desire for internet organization brought to you by me having to use google to find my own stuff.

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