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Fic list!

The SGA fic listed here and everything written 2014 on now lives at a03: mylittleredgirl works index.

Fic list posted in reverse chronology (newest first) by fandom going back to March 2005 (I'm adding earlier ones as I go). All links point to this journal unless otherwise noted. Please let me know if you find broken/wrong links!

Stargate: Atlantis . Stargate: SG-1 . Star Trek: The Next Generation . Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . Star Trek: Voyager . Star Trek: Enterprise . Babylon 5 . The X-Files . Dancing With the Stars (RPF) . Atlantis RPF . other fandoms (Army Wives, Body of Proof, Jake 2.0, Cupid, Battlestar Galactica, Lois & Clark, original writing)

Stargate: Atlantis


"Aubade" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, angst, fix-it. They rescue her, but by accident. (at sparktober)

"Lost Time" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, post-fix-it fluff. John has lost a lot of things. Mostly socks, lately. (at sparktober)

"Shady" (PG) Gen, Sheppard/Weir UST, no point. The ironic twists of Elizabeth’s life path hit her at the strangest times.


"And Repeat" (PG) Sheppard/Weir. Elizabeth only knows that it is a relationship – as in, two people relating to each other in some fashion over a period of time. (at sparktober)

"Regarding Gifted Horses" (G) Sheppard, Weir, episode-related. My version of "John finds out why he got promoted in 'Intruder.'" (at sparktober)

"On Location" (R/NC-17) Sheppard/Weir, smut. Because the rescue's going to take a while... (at sparktober)

"Table Stakes" (G) Season 1, friendship. Watch out for the Queen of Hearts. (at sparktober)

"The Good Life" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, replicator!angst. "They would know that no matter what, you'd come for her." (at sparktober)

Junetober PicFic (PG) Sheppard/Weir, UST. 10 times Elizabeth caught John looking when he wasn't supposed to (and one time he is). (at sparktober)

"Rising" ficbit (G) Sheppard/Weir, UST. Not that Sheppard is a man of her own. (at sparktober)

"Hard Rain" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, episode-related: "Storm"/"Eye." These storms bring out the worst in them. (at sparktober)


"First Snow" (PG) Shepard/Weir, friendship/UST. Elizabeth's in a funk, and John has a plan. Maybe. (at sparktober)

"Love Stories" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir, [Sheppard/other, Weir/other]. Five times John doesn't tell Elizabeth he loves her. (at sparktober)

"Roughing It" (PG) Sheppard/Weir UST, season 1, team. Into each life, some rain... (at sparktober)

"Flesh and Blood" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir, AU. How the 'Vegas' John gets his groove back.

"The Six Year War" (G) Sheppard/Weir, AU, babyfic. More adventures in babysitting. Sequel to "Strategic Planning" and "Object Permanence," both found here.


"Ain't No Sunshine" (R) Sheppard/Weir, AU. John actually lives until retirement.

"Later" (G) Sheppard/Weir UST, episode-related for "Siege III." She can't think about him until later.

"G.T.A." (NC-17) Sparktober smut. "Whose car is this?" (comment-fic at sparktober)

"Two's Company" (PG) Sheppard/Weir. Five times John Sheppard wished that Elizabeth Weir would just go away. (at sparktober)

"Weightless" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. John would really rather not spend three hours with Elizabeth in a sardine can.


"... and let not Winter's touch" (R) Sheppard/Weir. Spoilers: "The Return," "Lifeline." 5 times John & Elizabeth reunited.

"Thou Shalt Not Covet" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir. She couldn't look away.

"Mischief" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir. "Believe me. If the doors open, you'll know." (at sparktober)

"The Final Frontier" (G) Sheppard & Weir, gen. After the day-saving, the paperwork.

"Five First Nights" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir. This isn't actually the first time he's married her.


"Afterimage" (R) Sheppard/Weir UST, post-ep for "The Real World." In the aftermath, Elizabeth has issues and John's confused.

"Huis Clos" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. Sheppard and Weir get stuck in a transporter, and not on a good day.

"Definition" (R) Sheppard/Weir. They have a thing.


"Translation" (NC-17) Teyla/Ronon, Sheppard, Weir. They're friends, and lovers isn't so far removed from friends.


"Ages 6 and Up" (PG) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST. He gives her an ultimatum.

"Kindling" (G) Sheppard/Weir, friendship/ust. The one where they're off-world and the fire won't light.

"30 Minutes or it's Free" (G) It's a long way for take-out.

"The Electric Slide" (G) Crack. Apocryphic: or, why it could have been called Sparky but not really why.

"Water" (R) Sheppard/Weir. Season 1. He almost lost her.

"ESPN Classic" (G) Sheppard/Weir. Season 1. Weeknights at 11. (Historian's note - this random floof is what started Sparktober.)

"Twilight" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, other/other, future!fic, not a happy ever after. He wants it to be over because he wants to know, for sure, if he'll be able to do this without her.

"Seventh" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. Remembering her birthday.

"The One and Only" (PG) Sam Carter/John Sheppard, UST. He had to see what Rodney had been going on about all year.

"Eating Crackers" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir. ... as in, he wouldn't kick her out of bed for it.

"The Art of Management" (G) Season 1. He's on to her.

"My Talents Lie in Other Directions" (G) Sheppard, Weir, UST. The one with grapes.

"Give and Take" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, established relationship. She does this on purpose, because she hates him.


"Six Minutes" (PG) Sheppard/Weir UST. There's something different this time.

"Field Trip" (G) Sheppard/Weir friendship, Season 1. A puddle-jumper, some convincing, and fresh powder.

"Moving Mountains (PG) "The Real World" Jack/Elizabeth. It's possible hallucinations have feelings too, you know.

"And a Partridge" (PG) Sheppard/Weir UST, season 1, Christmas fic. It's never too late to start believing in Santa Claus.

"Atmospheric Composition" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, established relationship. The air is heavier on Earth.


"History" (PG-13) Sheppard!fic, Sheppard/other, Sheppard/Weir. You never forget your first.

"Ascent" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, UST, action/adventure. First of all, they have to survive.

"The Great Escape" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. "It's a jailbreak, Elizabeth."

"Chord Progression" (PG) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST, post-ep or "Conversion." "... then you can start to make it better."

"Twenty Questions" (PG-13) Fireman!verse Sheppard/Weir. They are the same people, they're just in the wrong place. (at firemanverse)

"Drunk Tank Pink" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. As with every pairing, it eventually comes down to drunken sex.

"Veracity" (R) Sheppard/Weir RST, hurt/comfort, angst. When something traumatic happens to John Sheppard off-world, he is no longer the only one affected.

"Strategic Planning" and "Object Permanence"(G) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST, background Ford/Teyla, baby!fic. It always helps to have babysitting backup.

"Blessing Way" (PG-13) Pre-series, Elizabeth!fic. "After renouncing the trappings of childhood, the girl is immersed in water. When she emerges, the community embraces her as a woman..."

"Ground Zero" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir UST, team. The third time they detonated a nuclear bomb over Atlantis, it occurred to John that perhaps they shouldn't be quite so casual about this."

"Finishing School" (PG) Sheppard/Weir UST, episode-related for "Intruder." In any other situation, seeing Elizabeth Weir in jeopardy, John Sheppard would spring into action in the usual way and rescue her.

"Night Nurse" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, hurt/comfort, fluff. Sheppard, McKay, and six alien thugs walk into a bar...

"Lullaby #101" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, post-ep for "Seige III." It's all over, but John still can't sleep.

"discontinuity" (PG-13) CROSSOVER with Babylon 5, vignette, character death, angst, Sheridan/Weir. When they meet, they are both desperate in different ways.

"Evolution" (PG) Sheppard/Weir. He doesn't think about people like this.

"A Little Diversion" (PG) Sheppard/Weir fluff. There's always one that'll rein you in. (external link)

"Same Thing We Do Every Night" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir fluff, established relationship. Every man has a weakness. (external link)

"Social Experiment" (PG-13) Elizabeth gets drunk off-world. John most definitely doesn't, but that doesn't seem to matter.

"Hair of the Dog" (PG-13) Sequel to "Social Experiment," not really a whole fic.

"Happy Hour" (PG-13) Humor, mentions Sheppard/Weir UST, McKay/Weir UST, Ford/Teyla. Why he'd chosen to get wasted with McKay was, of course, the real mystery. (external link)

"Patience" (PG) McKay/Weir. And then, she remembers.

"Intermission" (PG) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST. Stealing a moment.

"Water Soluble" (PG) McKay/Weir, episode-related for "The Eye." Rodney kisses her for the first time in the rain.

"Industry Standard" (PG) Sheppard/Weir UST, Ford/Teyla. He does not gaze at Doctor Weir. (external link)

"Six Degrees" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, some Sheppard/other. They begin seeing each other in the spring. (external link)

"Lady and the Tramp" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir RST. Growing up is hard to do. (external link)

"Knowledge" (R) Sheppard/Weir. The one where alien moonshine makes them do telepathic sex. (external link)

"Connection" (PG) Sheppard/Weir fluff. He holds her tighter when he's sleeping. (external link)

"Best Seats in the House" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir fluff. A night at the movies. (external link)

"Sittin' There Dreaming Instant Pleasure" (PG-13) Crack!fic, humor, drinking, debauchery. John is teh Shepwhore, right? (external link)


The First Ten Years" (R) Sheppard/Weir, romance, Christmas. The first year, John notices that she is quiet at Christmas. (external link)

"Getting it Together" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. John Sheppard had spent his entire adult life looking for a woman who would tackle him at three in the afternoon and didn't want any diamond jewelry out of the equation. (external link)

"Afternoon Delight" (PG) Sheppard/Weir fluff. They take vacations together by the hour. (external link)

"Solace" (PG) Sheppard/Weir, angst/comfort. Not all missions end well. (external link)

"Suspension" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir, angst. She knows this is her fault. (external link)

"Tangible Evidence" (R) Sheppard/Weir. In the dark. (external link)

"Unity" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir fluff. John likes the way she shivers when he touches her. (external link)

"In Love and War" (NC-17) Sheppard/Weir, PWP. ... and then they done sex. (external link)

"6 A.M." (PG-13) Drabble. He is never going to be able to look at her across the briefing table again. (external link)

"Spoons Came First" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. The night before the morning after. Prequel to "6 A.M." (external link)

"Company" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST. Coming home is hard to do. (external link)

"Cutting it Close" (PG) Sheppard/Weir friendship/UST. Pretty much all their bad ideas start out this way. (external link)

"Second Sight" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir. Seeing the future isn't always a good thing. (external link)

"Mornings After" (PG-13) Sheppard/Weir, friendship, romance. He doesn't usually sleep well the night after a mission. (external link)


In which they don't do sex in alien Disneyland. (PG) Sheppard/Weir, idek.
Five Women John Never Loved (PG-13)
Ford said... it couldn't be done. Sheppard/Weir.
The Last Word It was 3 am, and that was probably why she said it.
"... and so it begins" A collection of vignettes related to "The Eye" and "The Defiant One." (external link)
"A Proportional Response" Drabble, Sheppard/Teyla. He sleeps with Teyla because he feels guilty. (external link)
"By the Shores of Silver Lake" Weir drabble. Atlantis as home. (external link)
"Distance" Weir/Simon drabble, Fear. (external link)
"Last Night" Drabble, Sheppard, Ford. Fear. (external link)

Stargate: SG-1


"Uncomplicated" (NC-17) Jack/Elizabeth, Sam/Jack UST, episode related: "New Order" & "Rising." Maybe, with her, it really is as simple as it seems.

"Career Day" (R) mini!OTP. She's a 35-year-old woman on the fast track to teen pregnancy and a truancy record, and if just one more person tells her that she's ruining her talented, brilliant future, she's going to start taking hostages.

"Something to Talk About" (PG) Amnesty (unfinished/abandoned) fic started in 2004, Daniel/Janet, humor. Daniel and Janet try to save their friends from the SGC rumor mill, but things don't go as planned.


"Holiday Wrapping" (PG) Daniel/Janet, Cassie, team dorkiness. What do you get for an alien teenager who has everything?

"Seventeen" (PG-13) mini!OTP. A second second chance.

"Class R (Restricted)" (PG) mini!OTP, fluff. How Samantha Carter learned to drive.

"Something Old" (PG) Sam/Jack, Jacob. Sam moves a lot, but some things stay the same.


"Right Ingredients" (PG-13) Jack/Kerry, fluff, pre-"Threads." She calls him 'honey.'

"A Less Velvet Glove" (PG-13) Daniel/Janet, talk of Daniel/Vala, AU version of "Avalon" where Janet's there and awesome. He was definitely sleeping on the couch for the rest of his life.

"Vital Statistics" (PG) Daniel/Janet friendship or UST, angst. Daniel has lost count.

"A Typical Morning" (PG) Sam/Jack fluff. Most important meal of the day.

"Eve" (G) Replicarter/Fifth, spoils "Gemini." This makes all the difference.


Sam Carter/"Alone" Future!fic. Very short.
mini!otp... play video games.

Star Trek: The Next Generation


"Palinopsia" (G) Gen, post-ep for "The Inner Light." Picard becomes, again, Picard.


Tasha & Riker ficlet (PG-13) Tasha & Riker friendship, crack. You didn't used to be a man who needed to pad his score.

"Sense Memory" (PG-13) Riker/Ro, post-ep for "Conundrum." It wasn't the worst way to spend an existential crisis.

"Tactical Priority" Robin/Wesley, snippet. Wesley's got priorities.


"Return Flight" (PG) Somewhere between "Journey's End" and "Nemesis," Wesley puts the uniform back on.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


"The Long Road Home" (PG) Miles/Keiko(/Kira-ish). The O’Briens go back to Earth, but they left some things behind.


"Hail Camelot" (G) Dax, Kira, Season 4. Dax knows a few things about patience. Sometimes.


"Couples Therapy" (PG-13) Ezri!fic, Julian/Ezri. During the war, they never had the chance to mourn all they lost.

Star Trek: Voyager


"Balance" (PG) Janeway/Chakotay, post-ep for "The Void." "What would you have done?" (link goes to tumblr)


"Simplifying Fractions" (G) The Happy Voyager Project, Ocampalets, Harry Kim. A lot of things had changed since Kes had children.


"Detox" Janeway/Chakotay friendship, future!fic. They never really change.

"The Happy Voyager Project" (PG) B'Elanna, Janeway, mutiny, and a Klingon romance novel.

"Tautology" (G) Janeway/Chakotay, UST, Not-Dating. They are who they are.


"Black Diamond" (PG) Paris/Torres friendship/UST, Season 1 or 2. She's got better things to do. Really.


"Recess" (G) Ocampalets. Harry isn't good at Hide and Seek, and neither is Janeway. (2009)

Star Trek: Enterprise


"Eclipse" (G) T'Pol, Trip/T'Pol. "You can't see the Vulcan sun," he tells her.

"Today's Special" (G) Archer, Trip, T'Pol. Dining with aliens is always a cultural exchange experience.

"Black Hole" (NC-17) Trip/T'Pol. Season 3. An interlude between "Harbinger" and "Damage," when the drugs and sex were good.


"To Sleep, Perchance" (G) Trip, T'Pol, gen. Post-ep for "Strange New World." Vulcans do dream.

"Now Playing" (G) Gen, post-ep for "Fight or Flight." Hoshi realizes something...

"Breaking the News" (G) Gen, post-ep for "Broken Bow." About the Vulcan...


"Language Barrier" (PG) Mirror Universe Hoshi/Travis, Hoshi/Forrest, Hoshi/Archer. Pre-"In a Mirror, Darkly." Five times Mirror Hoshi said I love you.

"Equilibrium" (PG) T'Pol!fic, Trip/T'Pol, post-ep for "Bound." It has been too long since T'Pol was last alone.

"Recess" (PG) Hoshi/Travis friendship/UST, Trip/T'Pol. Boys just do that because they like you.

"Moments Between" (PG) Trip/T'Pol, post-ep for "Home." After the ceremony, Trip stays the night on Vulcan.

Babylon 5


"Waiting the Sky" (G) Challenge flashfic, crack. Vorlons, time travel and pie.


"Dead Souls" (PG-13) Ivanova/Garibaldi, AU Season 5, angst. Susan remains on the station after S4, and the ghosts remain at the banquet.


"Overture" (PG) Talia, Garibaldi, Bester, pre-series. Talia Winters' career is about to take off.


Episode-related snippets for Talia/Garibaldi: "A Voice in the Wilderness" "Quality of Mercy"

"discontinuity" (PG-13) CROSSOVER with Stargate: Atlantis, vignette, character death, angst, Sheridan/Weir. When they meet, they are both desperate in different ways.

The X-Files


"Compass" (PG-13) Doggett/Reyes, post-ep. After "The Truth," John and Monica are adrift.


"Fair Trade" (PG-13) Doggett, Reyes, friendship/UST, Season 9. There's always another chance to be a martyr.


"Circadia" (PG) Doggett/Reyes friendship, Season 9. Monica Reyes can sleep anywhere.


"Storm Front" (PG) Doggett/Reyes UST, Season 9, spoilers for "Audrey Pauley." A bottle of beer, a bag of chips, and thou...

"Same Old Thing" (G) Doggett/Reyes friendship. Little morning rituals.

Dancing With the Stars (RPF)


"Tuesday" (PG-13) Hines/Kym, Tristan, angst & romance, season 13. This season, wearing tassels is harder than it used to be.

"Always a Bridesmaid" (NC-17) Pro dancers, Kym, Alec/Edyta, moresomes. In times like this, her heart belongs to all of them.

"Heat Index" (NC-17) Hines/Kym, post-Season 12. The forecast in Pittsburgh is for record highs with a chance of shower sex.

"Best Loved Recipe" (NC-17) Hines/Kym, Season 12, PWP. There's a cooking lesson, and then there's just cooking.

"Intent" (NC-17) Hines/Kym, Season 12. At some point, the vertical expression is no match for the horizontal desire.

"Patron Tequila" (PG) Season 12 cast, crack. Louis has had enough. Things don't quite go as planned.

"Return" (NC-17) Hines/Kym. This is how it happens.

"Three Words" (R) Hines/Kym, Season 12. Not everyone says I love you.

"Smile" (PG) Ficlet, Hines/Kym. He does a lot for that smile.

"The Sun Always Shines on TV" (G) Hines/Kym, future!fic. You can't dance forever.

"Stille Efter Storm" (PG-13) Hines/Kym, Season 12, post-finale. Kym gets her island vacation. Hines gets sentimental.

"Patience" (PG-13) Hines/Kym, Season 12. She knows. She just doesn't want to.

sga rpf


"The Great Canadian Caper" (PG) Cast friendship, Torri/Joe UST. In retrospect, maybe a group vacation wasn't the best idea.


"The Scarlet Letters" (NC-17) Torri/Joe. A is for Adultery. (WIP!) (at prettyhellotp)

Grab bag fandoms:

Army Wives

"Girls' Nights" (PG-13) Claudia Joy/Denise, Claudia Joy/Michael. There is no because.

"Standing Invitation" (G) Claudia Joy, Denise. Breakfast.

Battlestar Galactica

Season 2 meme-fic: a guess for what the first scene of Season 2 would be.

"The Ragged Edge" (R) Roslin/Adama, written after the pilot. This is who she is now.

Body of Proof

"On the first day of Christmas, my ME gave to me..." (PG) Peter, Megan/Kate UST. Peter quite accidentally finds a chink in Megan's armor.


"First Night" (NC-17) Claire/Alex. Moving day.

"Heroes, Tights, and Archetypes" (PG-13) Claire/Alex. Alex may be a sensitive guy, but he doesn't have to like it.

Jake 2.0

"Requisition" (G) Jake, Diane and a pencil.

"Reparation" (PG) Jake/Diane, post-ep for "Last Man Standing." He needs to know why she's there.

Lois & Clark

"Thaw" (PG) Gen, Season 2. Lois spends New Year's Eve in a hotel with an unlikely companion.

Original Writing

"Unfinished, Untitled" When my author died, I made a pilgrimage.

"With Me Sweet" Fic for a show I invented in the show-creation meme. Yep.

"25 x 25" There is no pattern.

Note to self: start here. Check old website for all fandoms except Atlantis.

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