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Things I'm Doing (Online)!

First of all! Some of you may have noticed that my tags are crap and I have no organization when it comes to archiving my fanfic, probably because I've mentioned it on numerous occasions. I've put together a fic list! I'm still going back and adding the earliest stuff (Atlantis should be complete, everything else is there back thru 2005), not to mention finding all the communities where I posted things that weren't on my own LJ, but I'm going LIVE with it now because SPARKTOBER!

Little Red's Fic: Handy Archive Post Edition!

I learned things by doing this. For one, fandom time seems to move parallel to regular time and not at the same rate, because things I wrote in 2007 feel like I wrote them last year.

In case you didn't catch it while I've been spamming the community endlessly this weekend: sparktober! It's almost here! Like, almost here! Basically already here! We've got sign-ups for Daily Squeee, New Bingo Cards, and a Prompt post! <-- seriously, go to that one right now and drop your requests! Crack requests accepted! Or just reply there with your fave Sparky icon and that'll do.

I signed up for the 1st and I've got zero plan and zero words so far. I'm pretty sure it's fine though. If I've learned anything by scrolling back through 7 years of fic, pretty much anything works!

RELATED: If anyone wants a sequel to any of my Atlantis fics, now's the time to ask!
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