Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

NaNo: Oh, FFS

NaNo is open!

I have a secret plan this time, and that plan is to not tell anyone about my exciting novel until I write it so that I will have to write it REALLY FAST!

I picked a title, though, and before I stuck that into the NaNo Novel Starter Screen I googled it, like you do, and apparently Aldous Huxley already wrote my novel. APPARENTLY I WAS NOT SECRET ENOUGH.

That book sounds pretty wack from the description, too. Why didn't I think of propaganda parrots? Probably because I didn't think of my utopic colony novel WHILE ON MESCALINE.


1. I totally want to read that novel. I probably shouldn't yet because I've plagiarized it enough already with my mind.
2. Propaganda Parrot needs to be a band name like ASAP.
3. I'm going to need a new title.

I'm mylittleredgirl, of course. See you in November!

(Until then: sparktober! There's a picspam post up now! Gogogo!)
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