Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Adventures in Atlantis

I don't know about you guys, but every time I watch "The Tower" I spend the whole time clapping my hands and going "KOMTRAYA!"

At least until I start yelling "YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!" at Sheppard and Beckett. It's always the guy with the accent. Watch more TV. Yeesh.

Also: Douchey Agent Pendrell! The "Hey It's That Guy" Vancouver actor bingo circus is representing in this episode.

I know that when this aired we were all raaaah, Sheppard is cheating on Lizzeh with naked blonde princess chick (of Kyle XY Vancouver Actor Bingo fame), but at this point we can find that hilarious, right? Especially because she was flat-out "I'm stealing your superior genetic spermz for royal babies!" and he was like "YES WHATEVER BREASTS" and had sex with her anyway. Man, there could be so many ShepWh0re babies running around the Pegasus galaxy. WHY ISN'T MALE CONTRACEPTION A THING. *sigh* Anyway, the final balcony scene with Shep being all "Yeeep, totally coulda had a hot wife" and Lizzie's like *eyebrow* is so totally a shout-out to the Table of Iniquity where they compare alien conquests/have a hilariously competitive open relationship. (SERIOUSLY, why didn't Elizabeth get any for the whole series? GO OFFWORLD AND GET YOURS, GIRL.)

And I have a major crush on the random native kid who escorts McKay around the underground tunnels.

Well, now back to my post-TLG fic that's determined to be uncomfortable and depressing and nobody seems to want to have any porn. RRG. Maybe after that I'll write something where Elizabeth finally gets some and Shep is like "... I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS." Ta!

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