Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Sparktober (YAY!) and election circus (GRR!)

aj compiled a sampler tray of her Sparky ficlet fabulousness here at sparktober!

sparktober has been a bit light so far, and I'm sorry. :( I felt kinda shy (I KNOW, ME?) about bringing the squeee without mah executive committeh (*shakes fist* avengeeeeers!) because then I feel like I'm being all me me me all the time meeeeee. I'm gonna get over that! This is going to RAWK!

Also holding me back: THIS ELECTION THING. I feel a little personally involved during this particular election season, being that I am in possession of one free-range vagina and would rather that men I've never met have no legislative authority over what I do with it. There's an awful lot of campaign rage to get through every day, you know?

Our politics and personal beliefs may not align, but you've got to admit that is one ridiculous freaking photo for a sitting congressman to pose for in a magazine article, right?

It's distracting me from things I would like to be focusing on, like my Sparktober bingo card. But there's a VP debate on tonight featuring incumbent Joe "WHAT Did He Just Say?" Biden and the challenger Paul "That's Me In The Picture Above" Ryan, so I sort of feel obliged. You?

You are:

Watching the VP debate!
Not watching, but will catch the highlights/reactions after.
Who the heck is that clown?
I'm not American, and I'm laughing at you guys right now.
I'm avoiding anything and everything having to do with politics right now. (VOTE THO!)

Little Red should:

Watch the debate.
Ignore it because SPARKTOBER.
Develop better powers of mental dissociation so that both things can be addressed without contaminating each other.
Write in Elizabeth Weir for President.

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