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A Thing About "Sateda," and welcome to the spin zone.

Among the ten billion favoritest things about sparktober is the part where I re-watch lots of Atlantis episodes that are less overtly Sparktacular, either because I'm looking for secret scenes or am too lazy to change the DVD or am just *overwhelmed* by my forever love of this stupid show. (If you were about to take offense at "stupid show," just remember how many times you have also yelled that at your TV while Atlantis was on. I SAY IT MOSTLY WITH LOVE.)

So I watched "Sateda"/Assassin's Creed: Pegasus last night and this is one of my favorite scenes for the whole season. (I mean, I'm sure there's no way I enjoy this as much as the Sheyla fandom enjoyed this - don't read the comments if you're feeling ship-threatened today - but just put on your spin-zone hats and go with me.)

I just love Sheppard and Teyla both so very much, and they've got a great connection on the show (OMG DON'T PANIC, PUT DOWN THAT UNFRIEND BUTTON RIGHT NOW). It pretty much always goes like this:

Sheppard: *nonsense*
Teyla: *poking him with a stick*
Sheppard: *confused*
Teyla: *bemused by this endearing weirdo Earthling*

But MORE importantly, this scene just encapsulates so much about how I see both their characters. Teyla always feels like an outsider, because she is, and I really love that the writers let her stay aware of that despite Sheppard's attempts to melting-pot her into Atlantis. (Also, it gives her a speshul bond with Ronon in addition to their sex-bond, "THANK YOU FOR RESCUING RONON," spin zone laaa.)

And Sheppard! <3 This scene feeds my Sheppard/Weir heart of hearts like crazy because it says so much about him (and god, watch this scene and then think about all the tragedies coming down the pike and just TRY not to feel for him). John sucks at feeling-things (and word-things, which is one of Elizabeth's strengths, and probably one that seems like magic to him). He expresses his love for people by actions - he'd so rather take a bullet for someone than have one of those conversations about feelings. I can't even imagine the kind of cold sweats this dude would go through before (and after!) telling Elizabeth he loves her, probably after 6 or 7 years of not figuring it out himself and giving her pottery and breaking quarantine and stuff.

Anyway, this just goes to support my theory that Teyla knows everything about everyone before they know it themselves and gets a huge charge out of all the idiot Earthlings. She and Ronon totally kick back and LOL about their Earthling teammates like 3 times an hour.

ETA: A thing I realized while looking at the related videos? Sheyla is really big in French-speaking countries. Now you know! And a thing I realized while watching "Before I Sleep" dubbed in Spanish last night (for reasons) - Sheppard/Weir is either really big in Spanish-speaking countries or the telenovela actors they've got doing the voiceovers were told they were dubbing a soap opera and are having a wild off-microphone affair.
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