Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

The 30th? Really?

Peeps, I need some extra days. My super-cool costume plan for work tomorrow still needs mad manual laborz, my sparktober fic(s) for tomorrow are not done, and I am WIPED. OUT.

I suspect that everyone who goes "nooo, you TOTALLY don't catch cold from walking in the rain every day!" lies. However, if I keep not paying for parking or bus fare and just walking to work and back (it's like 2 miles, and it's Portland, so just rain and no ice) I think in two months I will be able to eke ahead of the bill-paying so I can stop juggling check dates and paying shit late! Also, I'll be buff and have "OH YAH I WALKED TO WORK IN THIS UPHILL" toughness cred, which is important.

I did, however, encourage random strangers to vote today while I was assembling the pieces of my costume (which will hopefully be finished at 4 am or something, because y'all, I am going to SLEEP). I'm going as Our Civic Duty. Remember to vote, kids! I was flat-out SHOCKED at how hard it is to find Americana stuff in Portland. I couldn't even find any secondhand flag shirts at Goodwill! I mean, I could have spent $30 on a Gap t-shirt with a stylized American flag that was "proudly designed in Indonesia," but that is way too much money for a costume piece that isn't even sparkly.

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