Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Frankencold: 2, Novel: 0

Well technically it's like novel: 233 because I tapped out that many words over the past few days between naps and/or forgot to record them before. Then I typed one extra word just so I could be at 12345:

12345 ★ 50000

Other things that happened:

1. My fever broke! And then it came back. :( I think this is an unholy confluence of different colds. And permanent mono. (Note: I feel very lucky, because the CFIDS symptoms that showed up reminded me that woah, that's now an unpleasant surprise as opposed to every day. Yay! You can do it, gimpy immune system!)

2. My laptop started making a horrible buzzy static sound that gets louder whenever I type. THERE ARE TINY ELECTRONIC BEES TRAPPED IN MY LAPTOP SOMEWHERE THAT DON'T LIKE ME WRITING ON THEM.

3. I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener because their tutorial video got me at a weak moment. Perhaps new software will equal MAD BRILLIANT EASILY WRITTEN REST OF NOVEL, right? Totally too tired to click "import."

4. I walked to the store in the brief no-fever interval because I ran out of food and feared death. I bought soup but no saltines. What kind of sick person doesn't buy saltines!?


6. I had a dream that peanutbutterer and miera_c collaborated to write a giant Atlantis fic, but I didn't read it because it was an AU about the industrial revolution and I was afraid I would be sucked into the story and coal dust is bad for you.

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