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Little Red

Breaking it down:

My chances of completing NaNo this month are slim, and to be honest, it's not my top priority over the next 5.5 days that make up the rest of November. Priorities, in order:

1. Work [on time, well-dressed, not hacking too much if a customer is on the phone, not breathing on coworkers. Can I sneak a heating pad under my businesswear?]

2. Health [yeah, it's after 'work.' America! My lung capacity is muuuch better than it was a few days ago, but my chest hurts now. It's a fair trade - pain > oxygen deprivation and both are equally nano-distracting. Hoping it's muscular instead of an infection, because that would be annoying and require time off for a doctor's appointment and see item 1/America.]

3. Nano! 5 working days. Half of today. 25,000 words. [...]

4. Voting for Melissa and Tony in the DWTS finale tomorrow. What? it's time-sensitive and I have the number on speed-dial because I'm obsessed. [That number is 800-868-3406 and you should obviously call it between 8pm and 10pm tomorrow local time if you're in Canada or the USA.]

5. Uh... paying time-sensitive bills. [Bills, y u all so time-sensitive?]

6. EVERYTHING ELSE [cleaning, cooking, having friends, walking to work in the rain, having money, figuring out what the heck happened to my other slipper, srsly where is it my foot is cold.]


Anyway, today my goals are laundry (see #1 above - "well-dressed"), 5000 words, eating something, going to bed early. Yay! Oh, and spamming the heck out of LJ, because what is Nano for if not that?


YOUR top goal of the day should be to head over to Cute Overload and enjoy the tiniest of quails.
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