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Omg Voyager

I want an AU for every episode of Voyager season 1, I swear. So far I need AUs where:

  1. The Maquis ship survives and they caravan.
  2. The Starfleet crew all survive the first episode (Commander Cavit! Douchey doctor! Cute Vulcan nurse! Random chief engineer! STAAAAADI! Her voice is so sexy tho, she needed to live.)
  3. Voyager is destroyed and Our Heroes try and take the USS Maquis Junkbucket under the command of Captain Chakotay across the galaxy.
  4. They create a ragtag caravan of all the random ass ships the Caretaker brought to the DQ (Delta Quadrant or Dairy Queen? You decide!).
  5. Seska's identity isn't discovered until like Season 5 or so, by which time she's probably hooked up with someone and she has learned the true meaning of Christmas - oh noes character drama! (Look, I shipped Bajoran Seska/Harry Kim big time during the first 5 episodes when I was a kid. Why yes, there IS secret fanfic where they go ice skating on the holodeck and have a baby girl! At least it wasn't twins, guys.)
  6. Seska's identity is discovered in "State of Flux" but she stays on the ship anyway being a crazy Cardassian badass.
  7. Nobody accepts the Doctor's evolving sentience and everyone thinks Kes is just this sweet alien girl who has emotionally bonded with her friend the tricorder.

I remember thinking when I first saw these that it was weird that Janeway made everyone Starfleet if half the crew was Maquis, but I guess there were only like 20 of them or something. Also Mama Janeway, I've missed you. I love that she somehow gets right away that they're stuck out here for life while everyone else is still laaaa, we're still in the first episode, this shit happens in Starfleet all the time! I also kind of forgot how much she misses Mark. I kind of just forgot she ever really loved him. Poor Kathy. Poor Mark. Poor Molly The Red Setter.

Also, it makes me mad every time somebody mentions preventing Voyager from getting sucked into the Dairy Queen in the first place, because the Maquis ship would still be stranded and by themselves and B'Elanna would have died on Ocampa and these things are important, people, and we should never forget. NEVER FORGET!

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