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Online meditation class [free, limited time, comes with free sham-wow*]

I hate sharing anything that tells me to "share with your friends!" but in caaaaase you're looking for some meditation in your life, I've been doing this with my mom and enjoying it a lot, so it feels kinda mean not to share with my friends:

15 Days, 15 Meditations - Relax, Revitalize, all that good stuff.

It's Deepak Chopra & company, and basically each meditation (one is getting posted per day for 15 days) has a 5-10 minute relaxing lecture portion with some info from a big name in the meditation/spiritual development/woo-woo field and then a 5-minute-or-so meditation with really nice music.

I imagine it would be enjoyable for beginners too (let me answer the question you will have: when they say "find a comfortable position" they mean it - lie down, sit on a chair, sit cross-legged on top of a post, it all works I promise), but I'm loving it as a refresher and a way of getting back into the habit. It was extra fun today (day 4) because the woo-woo guest speaker was Stephen Cope, whom I knew growing up. (Uh, bonus plug while I'm spamming things: If you ever want to get a sense of the kind of yoga and the ashram I grew up in, you can read his book Yoga and the Quest for the True Self.)

*You have to register and they probably try to get you to buy it at the end of the 15 days and send you emails about future free programs or whatever. No actual sham-wow included.

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