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The Education of Wesley Crusher (with background adventures of Picard & crew)

This evening's devotional service at the Holy Church of Star Trek / laundry-folding episode was "Where No One Has Gone Before." I've seen it a hundred times before, I'm sure, but I always seem to notice new things whenever I watch Trek episodes. (Usually, I notice something like B'Elanna's impractically long manicure; tonight it was actually relevant.)

Anyway, I was hit by the magnitude of what the Traveler tells Picard about Wesley. Wesley is like Mozart for space and time and thought (specifically using the technology of the Enterprise), and the Traveler puts Picard in charge of encouraging him and guiding his education so this kid can TRANSCEND HUMANITY. And the Traveler tells Picard this while the Enterprise's cruising altitude is the end of the universe, where thought and reality are the same, so his words make an impact.

No wonder Picard immediately promotes Wes, puts him on the bridge, gives him every opportunity to save the day – and no wonder Wesley SAVES the day by picking magical solutions out of thin air that elude trained Starfleet officers. Because he's Mozart of space and time. I bet this stays in Picard's mind for all his future interactions with Wesley, and I'm going to make a point to keep it in mine.

Until now, I thought Picard's special attachment to Wesley was because of Jack Crusher and a debt Picard feels he owes to Beverly... but this makes much more sense with Picard's character. Helping Wesley reach his potential is really part of his Starfleet mission.

(I also noticed that this is the episode where Data *gasp* uses a contraction without it being a plot point. I'll assume it's because they were at the end of the universe. You are not less perfect than Lore, Data!)

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