Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

Achievement unlocked!

I have survived 31 years on this planet! (And it's the most dangerous planet I've ever been to!)

I also survived moving an upright piano by myself because I'm painting my parents' basement today. :) (I invoked the birthday card to negotiate a paint colour other than white. I'm pretty sure there's been nothing but boring white primer on top of drywall in this room for the 16 years since we finished the basement, and my dad is okay with that sort of thing, but dammit, this room will be sea foam with parsnip accents before I'm done with it and he will love it.)

Can we have Junetober always because having Sparktober on my birthday is THE BEST! Everybody should write me Sparky fic, yes. They don't have to be painting. I don't think there's much need for that in Atlantis, where the walls look perfectly sparkly after 10,000 years in what I presume is the fairly humid environment of under the ocean.

I love birthdays! If I recall correctly, it's also bluebanrigh's birthday on today, the greatest of days for primary-colored people to be born!

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