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Your favorite topic-blog platform?

Sooooo I've been working on a trek-fandom-related blog-type project that will launch soon, and I'd like to make it separate from mylittleredgirl. You're all TOTALLY INVITED! but I want it to be separate from all the general woeangst I've had since 2003. I forget if I told you guys about my plans for Star Trek University, aka I learn all kinds of everything that people mention in Star Trek episodes and then I blog about it in a hopefully amusing way. I'm totally doing it! Everyone's always "Why don't you go back to school, Little Red?" and I'm all "Ugh, but there aren't enough holodeck malfunctions or godlike cloud-aliens in school!" Problem? SOLVED.

Anyway! Do you guys have any brilliant (or mediocre) ideas about what platform I could/should use? Should I just get another LJ or do a one-person LJ comm? Are wordpress/blogger-style blogs played out now that Google Reader is dead (and will anyone come visit me there)? IDK WHAT THE COOL KIDS R DOIN THESE DAYS.

Posts will be text-heavy with a bunch of pictures (as per usual when I do Star Trek posts). I'd like it to be easy for people to comment (which is why tumblr is out, despite the ease of uploading pics/gifs/videos/EVERYTHING GOOD and the nerdcore Star Trek contingent over there). Also, tags are important so I can keep all the EARTH LIT 102: Shakespeare! in! Spaaaace!! posts together, obviously.

I'm so excited I made you this crap graphic in Paintbrush (I need to take some photoshop extension courses, clearly):
Identify the episode for bonus points!

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