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All Atlantis All The Time

Atlantis moodtheme by shewaselectric!!!! *squeak* JOY!

I also sort-of-updated my site with my Atlantis fic to date. All of it has been posted to john_elizabeth or atlantis100 before.

Mornings After - PG-13. John/Elizabeth friendship and romance. "He doesn't usually sleep well the night after a mission."

Second Sight - PG-13. John/Elizabeth. "Seeing the future isn't always a good thing."

Cutting it Close - PG. John/Elizabeth friendship/UST. "Pretty much all their bad ideas start out this way."

Company - PG-13. John/Elizabeth friendship/UST, mention of Elizabeth/Simon. "Coming home is hard to do."

and "Rising" drabbles:

Last Night (Sheppard, Ford) and Distance (Weir/Simon).

Wow. I look unforgivably geeky productive when I put it like this. How long has this show been on?

-- Little Red, not at all obsessed

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