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new email address

As my Brown address may possibly die shortly and my hotmail address keeps eating messages (not to mention that I am no longer the russian department wench), I can now be found at:

mylittleredgirl at gmail dot com

Mad thanks to Yas! *hugs Yas*

This part is directed mostly at Kappas, because everyone else on this friendslist has probably been spammed mercilessly about gmail invites already from various corners of the world, but is an open invitation to all: If you would like an invite to gmail (1000 mbs of storage, neat archivalness, all-around neat free web email, but you need an invite from a current gmail user to get one), comment or email and let me know. I have 6 right now but they seem to multiply frequently when I'm not looking.

And it will totally take me forever to go down my list of email contacts and mail out about this, so you might here from me again in a few weeks being all "new email!!1!" but I'm really just talking about this.

-- Little Red, who can pretend to be one of the cool kids now

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