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dude, where's my oscar?

I had a lot of brood-y, depressed-y things written into this space about still being sick and Life Implications and crap like that. Consider those deleted. Instead, I must now ward off moodiness and talk to you about the gleeeful things that have happened in the past few days, in spite of still being sick.

Most hilariously: jupiterempath and I went to see a special sneak preview of "The Butterfly Effect."

To reiterate: Jvass and I saw Ashton Kutcher in a dramatic role before pretty much anybody else in the Greater Providence Region.

I should point out at this juncture -- it was free, so we spent our ticket money in Dave and Buster's beforehand pre-gaming (not quite as good in the re-telling as my original plan of shotgunning vodka and coke in the parking lot of the Providence Place mall, but that plan was nixed due to my continued sickness and lack of appropriate planning). Best. Mudslide. EVER. Also, we got toys -- I got a nifty pen that lights all sorts of colours and Jvass got a t-shirt.

As for the flick itself... it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and Ashton Kutcher actually makes a convincing dramatic actor. Seriously, I only thought "Kelso!" about three times. And I honestly think this movie was an interesting idea, and could have made a great novel, and, had they made some different choices, could have made a great film. The real question everyone's been wondering -- how does Ashton Kutcher's character keep going back in time to change the past?? That's not explained. At all. He has a hereditary mental illness (???) that allows him to alter the past.

Look, I'm a Star Trek fan, people. I'm okay with wacky, impossible science-fiction-y theories. I just want you to at least *pretend* to explain it to me. Give me some big words and a metal contraption with blinky lights and I really will happily suspend disbelief.

The child actors in this movie are all excellent. Unfortunately for any feint-hearted movie-goers, they also proceed to get used in a basement kiddie-porn endeavour, blow up babies with dynamite, light dogs on fire, and beat the crap out of each other with various sharp and blunt objects. There's a reason for all of this, yeah, but it's still kind of hard to watch.

So... I'd reccomend that this be a movie that you catch on TV, where it will be free and where some of the more disturbing bits might have been "edited for content."

I had a good time, though. I need to go to movies for free more often :) And there were definitely some moments in there when we were the only two people laughing in the entire theatre... and that's awesome. When you and your friends are the only people who Get The Joke, you know you're hanging with the right friends. (Unfortunately, none of the moments of joint humour can possibly match up to "Cats and Dogs" and "Agent Cody Banks" -- movies that are completely and totally redeemed by and, in "Cats and Dogs" case, made great by, one hilarious line).

Other fun stuff has involved watching Malcolm not get laid again on Enterprise with keenween, and last nights' marathon chat of bad-girl ridiculousness with karendreamer, lifelongfling, jammer, and especially genamarie because, heeeee.

Selfishly, my days have been made by a lot of really nice feedbacky things that people have been emailing to me about my DS9 story "aristeia" and my Stargate story "Painting it Blue". I think it's probably a bad thing that the validation of total strangers is making me feel like a worthwhile person, but I'm going to take it anyway while it lasts *grin*.

*love!* to all

-- Little Red, who really missed Betsy and the Mart of Diminutive Size last night

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