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As I have been biting my tongue (semi-successfully) to keep from bitching at people and outright bitching at inanimate objects and websites for the past few hours and am feeling all irritatingly useless and stuff, I am in dire need of a list of gleee before sleep. YAY! (I hope this "whinewhine" biscuiting before the list doesn't disqualify its... listness. I should work on that part)

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. mystic_isles000 called me from her destination airport to say she had arrived safely. *bounces* YAY! Felt loved. I also wrote her an email from cash register 4 (it really only says "I am at cash register 4 and sending you an email!!" because that's all I had time for between customers).

2. Had some great interactions with guests today at work, but one in particular. I *love* people who come in happy and excited and get us all caught the staff in it. We had an in-depth and ridiculous discussion about cookies and the way people pick them out. It doesn't make much sense in the retelling. It was fun, and mostly gleeeful because I got all caught up in both the banter and in being an informative and knowledgeable sales girl when called upon to do so and felt like *me.*

3. TROT NIXON STARTED FOR THE SOX TODAY!! *fangirls Red Sox boyfriend madly* He's on my TV again! I am happy.

4. Talked to besyd. She is awesome even when has been recently scarred by songfics. She did not disown me for being excited that we live on a real actual planet (WHAT? It doesn't LOOK like a planet from here. She showed me a pic from space and I was surprised. It *is* really cool that the world is round).

5. Local cider! It's cider season! There is cider in my fridge! Eeeee!

3 things I did well:

1. Worked 4 hours! Bounced around on my feet the whole time, went the extra mile for customers, multi-tasked well and covered reasonably smoothly when I didn't and felt really good and competent at my job there for a while. YES!!

2. Read an upcoming aj fic to beta, in which she breaks Weir a lot. Those of you who like dark and pretty will LOVE this.

3. .... I feel like some variation of this is on the list *every day*, but it really *is* my priority in life, and I had the most balanced dinner *ever.*

Huh. Just scrolled back to the beginning of this post and don't remember what I was being all bitchy about.

-- Little Red

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