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gleeelist, day 5

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. Kappa love!!! Emails from saidshe and nafy!!exclamationpoint!! YAY!

2. Anecdote: It is rare that my parents watch television voluntarily, so odd that we three should end up on the couch with my dad channel surfing. We pass by Stargate Monday, playing the episode "Prodigy."

TV: *Sam Carter lecturing at academy kids*
Dad: "Hey, that's... that woman on that show."
TV: *Hailey in audience of Sam's lecture, looking concerned*
Dad: "That girl's going to ask a question."
TV: *class dismisses, Hailey approaches Sam.*
Mom, as Hailey, in high-pitched voice: "Are you my mother?"
Me: *dies*

3. Sweet potatoes for dinner! Had lots of fun cooking them, too -- I'm really enjoying cooking with Mom after she gets back from work, and it's nice for her too (since it's not a chore she particularly enjoys), so I get to have fun *and* feel useful.

4. SLEEP. Have slept *so* well the past two nights (and days). Like... sleep sleep. Usually I feel tired even *while* I'm sleeping (which sounds like it should be a contradiction, I know), so this is so nice. And I will have more of it right now :)

5. I am *so excited* about the upcoming Red Sox/Yankees matchups this month. I'm a big baseball dork (besyd already mocked me), but I read this in Kevin Millar's Red Sox baseball diary today:

We go to the Bronx next weekend, and [the Yankees] come to Fenway the weekend after that. This is why you wake up at 6:30 in the morning on February 25 when you're heading to Spring Training. This is why you're sweating in 100-degree weather in Spring Training, day in and day out, to play for this time of the year.

I got *chills.* And, yes, I'm a big geek and no one cares but it is going to be SO GREAT to watch. (and I remind you that ALL OF YOU on this list are at least *sort of* geeky in one way or another or you probably wouldn't associate with me.)

3 things I did well:

1. READ A CHAPTER in my Specific Language Impairment textbook!! First academic work in *ages* and I'm taking this slow and non-stress-y and I stomped on the procrastion to start this and I *survived.* I got parts of it and had thoughts and got a little excited about this project and quit when my brain was too tired. First day back in the saddle, baby.

2. My room is all clean for the studying, yo!

3. Planned dinner! And made most of it! And am sticking to the nutritionist's grand scheme! (which is totally my #1 life priority at the moment, so wheeee!)

-- Little Red, who totally loves falling asleep to this but is totally willing to do this on her own time if it starts getting to anyone

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