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all's well that ends with a gleeelist

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. My livejournal friends are really amazing and totally made my day.

2. aj has returned!! *clings* take a memo: look up 'codependency'

3. PIZZA for dinner! And it was good. Wood-fried. 51 Park Street became Arizona Pizza, and it was good. (The ayurvedic doctor today was all "You don't eat dairy!?!??" So. Heh. This lapse was medically sanctioned)

4. TEAM CANADA WON WORLD CUP HOCKEY!! And I saw... the last period of the entire tournament, but I screamed and yelled along with my parents about our Canadian pride anyway!

5. I heard "How Sweet It Is" on the radio on the way home, and swiped my mother's Best of James Taylor CD to rip. *happy sigh* Man... I, like everyone in Berkshire County, cannot help but adore that man. [fandomgeeky]That could totally be the theme song of my Daniel and Janet.[/fg]

3 things I did well:

1. Ayurvedic doctor's appointment. Remained coherent, took notes, did not fall apart at overwhelmingness, all that good stuff. RAARGH.

2. Wrote email to someone who deserved it without procrastinating. Yeah, baby. (shush -- we're talking *small* victories. Making it through my daily emails is EXCITING to me. You can make your own criteria for *your* lists of gleee)

3. Handled unexpected circumstances: needed cash for ayurvedic herbs and figured out how to arrange with the guy and got to an ATM. Even thought of getting cash for my mom's herbs. *pets little brain* It's still in there!

Today's gleee list has been brought to you by A.j., who said "WRITE THE GLEEE LIST!" when I said "mumble tired ungleee mumble." Hee!

Additional things:

fic rec: lyssie wrote season 8 Sam-and-new-team-configuration-fic that is fun and makes me happy and makes me like Sam and puts season 8 in a whole new light wherein it actually makes SENSE. It brought moment of gleee! So yay!

icon request: So... I have no idea if it's legit or not to make a random icon wish-list or if people will take from this that I am a ski11-less brat (which I sort of am)... but I've been thinking about and coveting these for a while. Please let me know if it's totally uncouth on the internet to ask for such things in such a way.

1) I SO WANT a Canadian pride McKay icon. I'm jealous of all y'all that have one. In my happy dreams, it says: "Beer. Hockey. McKay. Things are better in Canada." somehow on the icon. I'm not attached, though, I just want to fly my Canadian colours and my Atlantis-geekface colours at the same time!

2) I really want an icon that says "give me strength" -- I originally thought of Sisko or Kira or... anyone... from DS9, but it would be awesome with really any character from any of the shows I geek out about. (It's the title of an Over the Rhine song which is... awesome... but it's a nice phrase as it is and totally the place I'm in, etc., blah, *covets*).

Get me off your LJ-christmas-list early? *cute eyes* Or ignore me. Or request fic back which might be totally futile given my track record, but you never know? Wheee!

-- Little Red, happy

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