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once more unto the gleee

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. Email from noradannan, who I miss and love! Now that the summer's over, even though we are all scattered, I'm getting back in touch with my King House friends and it is awesome. (and she likes my idea of a gleee list, which made me actually clap as I read the email)

2. To further the gleee-list-related gleee (meta-gleee? nooo...), aj WROTE a gleee-list! I am a big geek. I think my life mission statement is to proliferate gleee. And possibly to proliferate the spelling of things with additional e's.

3. elly427 MADE ME CANADIAN PRIDE ICONS!! That and watching hockey last night makes me feel like much less of an ex-pat.

4. I was just about to say "watched one of my favourite DS9 2-parters" and then realized that pretty much EVERY time I watch DS9, no matter what it is, it's one of my favourite episodes. Mumsey and I watched "In Purgatory's Shadow" and "By Inferno's Light" which... guh. It's such a turning point, and there is just so much awesome. I really love having a mother who will encourage me to watch these things.

Every time I watch it I also have an old story bunny that rears its head, but I still haven't quite figured out how to write it. It's still really nice to think about :)

5. Red Sox won! (8-6 over Tampa Bay, and it was ugly, but it's all about the WIN, for those who care.)

3 things I did well:

1. Created a fun casserole thing with turkey and artichoke hearts and... whatever else was in the kitchen.

2. Finished copying that tape for lifelongfling containing various X-Files highlight episodes, such as The One Where Carter Plays A Dead Hooker and The One Where Janet Plays A Medical Professional Surrounded By Whack-Jobs But It's Really Not Stargate Really.

3. Played around with new Ayurvedic supplements.

-- Little Red, who is oddly tempted to write a McKay version of "the rant" right now...

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