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one-eyed gleee list

Am not responsible for typos for am asleep. Did not yet watch Stargate/Atlantis (because am asleep) so no spoilers.

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. OMG THE RED SOX FUCKING WON IN THE 9TH OMGOMGOMG!!! And that CATCH Manny made! EEE! Both teams played so well and the Sox WON and are now only 2.5 games back!! I taped SG/Atlantis for a good reason (and stayed up 'til the end of the 4 1/2 hr game for a good reason) -- there is nothing like watching rivalry row games, yo. I need to go to one live.

2. The actual *moment* of Red Sox gleee that turned around my whole day at work was checking the score on my register after we closed and the Red Sox were up 1-0 in the 3rd!! And then Liza, of all people, the lovely grown-up froggoddess except with more of an India bent, tells me that she's a Sox fan and watched the game last night and starts chatting with me about how "cute" some of the new players are!! And bragging about how one of her good friends teaches yoga to Terry Francona and is trying to arrange teaching yoga to the Sox!

Don't worry, I've now tapped out my sports!gleee. Maybe. Except I really need to get a new knitting project going so I have something to do frantically while I watch the games -- I'm going to destroy my couch cushions over the next two Sox/Yanks weekends.

3. On the way to work, I heard that country song I used to like lots by Carolyn Dawn Johnson "I don't want you to go" (that's a free mp3 online -- right-click it and save-as something changing the end thing to .mp3 and it worked for me). It made me think lots of shipwithpants and led to squeee while driving.

4. I found my dad's long-lost cell phone in the backseat of my car, which he's been borrowing a lot lately. It's a moment of vicarious gleee.

5. I have NEW Stargate and Atlantis episodes waiting for me on tape! (The insane Star Trek cliffhangers of yore have made me leery of cliffhangers -- I actually saved the Enterprise season 2 finale until the night before season 3 premiered -- but I think if I did that here it might kill aj. So. Yes. Sometime this weekend I will force myself to enjoy Stargate gleee!)

3 things I did well:

1. I started my Officer Report for being the King House social chair. I worked on it for a long time before work trying to remember all the details of what's required to throw a King House party from all those months and fevered-out brain cells ago, but the real accomplishment is STARTING it after a whole summer of putting it off. YAY!


3. Made decision (right now) to not watch episodes and not chat and avoid the out-of-control livejournalness (how do you people have *50* posts since I went to WORK this afternoon? How are your lives that interesting today when so few of you are Red Sox fans?) in order to go to BED. I need a good night's sleep and am Making That Decision, which is something I'm doing well :-P YAY.

Hee. I totally look like my icon right now, all insanely grinning and with a Sox cap on.

-- Little Red, who so very badly wanted to be in a room with Sheryl and saidshe for this...

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