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in case you were wondering...

Your Threesome by soleta
middle name
locationOn large statue in Wellington
Partner the firstCate Blanchett
Partner the secondOrlando Bloom
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Heh. Finally got it to work. Thanks lifelongfling.

In other news, for any of you Stargate geeks who haven't already heard me babble on about this, while attempting to distract myself from being all ill and crap in the middle of the night the other night, I found the U.S. Air Force Frat Regs online. In case you were wondering, basically nobody on that show is allowed to talk to anybody else. Ever.

On the health front, I'm now seeing spots. Not entirely sure what that's about. Spooked the crap out of myself when I blacked out yesterday, so I probably will make a date with The Wonder That Is Health Services tomorow, although I do feel better enough to be really really frustrated and bored. Really craving Chinese Poker and pump swirl ;).

*love!* to all and *gleee!* regarding the returning Kappas

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