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saved by the joy sadhana

I was going to post about this stuff I read and heard that changed the picture and made it seem very likely that I will never get over this evil sickness of doom... but I don't want to.

Today was a wonderful day.

5 good things about today:

1. nostalgia_lj made me want to kick Daniel in the head ("Heroes"-related post at link, so, spoilers), which I suppose isn't gleee, but freaking out about it with aj and lifelongfling really was.

2. Ran into alosersdream at Kripalu. We may exchange Stargate and Alias obsessions with DVD marathons in the near future. (A friend to play with!! *bounces*)

3. THE RED SOX WON IN THE 12th AND I WAS WATCHING!! Man, the past two days have been seriously exciting baseball. To make that even better, and to make the sad lack of fellow knit-while-freaking-out-about-the-Sox-ers w0lfstar and saidshe more acceptable, my parents are getting really into it. My mom was listening to the extra innings of the game on the radio in the kitchen and my Dad has a whole slew of strong opinions about everything. They're both still confused about the part where only one man can be on a base at a time, but it is SO CUTE.

4. DVD gleee!! I got 2 X-Files Season 9 discs in the mail from espirk (I'm being bribed by Canadians to reopen "A Fine Romance") and ended up with season 2 of Voyager today almost by accident when I brought mis-bought stuff back to Coconuts. ('shippy thought: Was "Resolutions" SERIOUSLY only in season 2?? Man.) I watched "Deadlock", which is always fun, with KES! and baby Naomi!

5. elly427, with wonderful timing, spared me from writing the above contemplated post of depressedness, by replying to a comment I made in her journal and tempting me to re-read this awesome fluffy S/J fic of hers. While I'm rec-ing fic, if you haven't read azarsuerte's Game, Set, Match and are of the Shep/Weir persuasion, READ and cheer.

3 things I did well:

1. I FINISHED MY OFFICER REPORT. *And* Brother K-Stein liked my bullet-pointed Idiot's Guide To Being The Social Chair and said he'll find it useful (hecalleditSUPERB!). This has been on my to-do list since FEBRUARY, and on top of that, I'm happy with it.

2. Did the weight-room thing with Mumsey again, and ran half a mile. I am not happy about my mother's Bone Density Ungleee Party report today, of course, but I *am* psyched that she can help me and I can help her with all the workout encouragement. YAY.

3. Reconstructed my afghan pattern from last winter, acquired yarn, and started knitting a new one!

-- Little Red, who seriously needs to schedule her sleep better.

p.s. eeee! I can *see* my mood image before I post it! I will now spend five minutes playing with all the pretty little people that Yas corralled into this moodtheme.

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