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spooky gleee

Yes. So. Home alone for the next few days. Have received at least six prank phone calls today, which is, you know, unusual and annoying.

The logical course of action here, CLEARLY, is to go watch The X-Files (thanks, espirk! I owe you an email. And fic. And Atlantis).

Yes. Nice play, Shakespeare. *turns on lots of lights*

5 gleeeful things about today:

1. joyfulfeather is doing gleee lists too!! *bounces and claps* I feel totally enabled now to keep spamming you all with this, and validated, and all those other catchy new-age-pop-psych terms ;)

2. The Red Sox and Curt Schilling kicked the Yankees all around Fenway Park. I'm having a low-attention-span day, so I tragically MISSED seeing all the ejections live, but I heard about them in replay amid all the gloating about definitively winning the season series.

3. Amusing and random chatter with aj.

4. The Brady Bunch marathon on TV Land. I am so their target audience. I find myself laughing at the bad jokes and clowning around, shrieking at the obvious startles, and I think Mike and Carol are the cutest, most in love couple ever. I then pretty much had to find and watch the X-Files episode "Sunshine Days" and caught silly Brady details that I missed the first... however embarrassing many times I watched it two years ago... around. I have made a lot of squeee noises at my television today.

5. greywords finds a real, practical reason why Truth or Dare nights at King House were, in fact, an investment in our future: We can legally dodge the draft for "engaging in, attempting to engage in, having a propensity to engage in, or intending to engage in homosexual acts.". Who knew that letting andalsoyes take my bra off with her teeth could one day save my life. (also, thank you to everyone who answered my political question -- I will follow all links and think more on it when I have more brain)

3 things I did well:

1. Knitted quite a bit on my new afghan.

2. Had three meals today! I even made spaghetti to mix in with leftovers.

3. I wrote this list when I felt like I was teetering on the edge of a fit of unnecessary snowballing-depressed-ness. Now I am gleeeful. *punches air* (shush. it's not cheating, it's meta-gleee.) YES!

I am *not* going to go watch "Daemonicus" and "Hellbound" now. Because that would be stupid. Fun, but stupid.

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