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self-pity, and other stories

I was sadly and cruelly turned away by Health Services today for not being an active student. Which is, you know, fine, and makes a lot of sense, but it's sort of sad that I had to find this out *now*, rather than when I asked them about it last semester and was actually feeling well enough for finding a local doctor or locating the walk-in clinic in Warwick not to seem like a monumental task. I remember being really surprised when they told me that I could continue to use University Health Services while an inactive student. Now I know why it was so surprising -- they were lying. Sigh.

That, plus a bone-exhaustion that is reminiscent of the original Mono Of Death, made today an exercise in frustration. I had to *pull my car over* between Stop & Shop and my apartment because I was so tired I thought I might actually stop caring whether or not I crashed into anything. Also, checking my Brown webmail feels like too much work because they actually make me type in a password. As you might imagine, this all does a number on my self-respect. Fortunately, since I'm only awake about seven (non-consecutive) hours a day, I don't have a great deal of time to contemplate that.

Needless to say (or, perhaps not needless to say, considering the rather stupid things I have done in the past in the hopes my body would hop to and remember how to behave itself), I will not be attending DRINKFEST (tm) this evening, though I love you all and miss you and am gleeeeeeful that you are returning to campus. *yay!* and *sob!* at once.

On the bright side, 2 for 1 deal on Breyer's at Stop & Shop!! Made even better by the discovery of Mint Oreo Cookie Ice Cream! Seriously. I was walking up to the ice cream freezer thinking "It's a shame I'm going to have to decide between Mint Chocolate Chip and Oreo ice cream, because I really want both." And voila!! The universe, it has manifested.

If only antibiotics were as easily conjured. *makes face*

And while other people's dream analysis is, officially, the most annoying thing ever, here is this latest tidbit from the Feverish Mind of Little Red: Last night I dreamed I pulled out all of my eyelashes as a fashion statement. Explain that, Freud. (and sorry, Karen, once again, my delirious subconscious fails to provide immediately apparent fanfic bunnies)

-- Little Red, who, if Drinking Stargate occurs at all this evening, will be partaking of shots of echinacea.

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