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5 good things about today:

1. The Red Sox clinched a spot in the playoffs, BABY.

2. Really good dinner. Like... mmm. I was hungry, and had good food of all necessary food types, and felt awesome after, which is rare and cause for gleee.

3. Someone else doing joy sadhana! The gleee is proliferating! And cleverocity has an om icon and spelled gleee with three e's and everything! (I totally just typed 'three' with three e's automatically, but all good things must have limits)

4. Pretty new icon by aj:


5. Whirlpool at Kripalu late in the evening is joy. JOY.

3 things I did well:

1. Paid bills. This was more exciting than usual, because my college loans go into repayment, like, immediately, so required sorting out complicated-for-me financial stuff to figure out investments and chequebooks and whatnot, and because my new health insurance company seems to issue their statements in code. My parents are out of the communications range, and I rocked it anyway on my own (er, with besyd for moral support and to encourage me to decorate the envelopes with stickers) and have pretty envelopes to mail and am not freaked out. YAY! Did new thing and paid stuff to avoid fineage!

2. Worked out. Dragged self out of house and ran mile on fun blinky-light machine listening to Goldfinger and did weights. I am so kicking mono's ass.

3. Made salad.

-- Little Red, *zonk*

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