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joy sadhana, day... something

5 good things about today:

1. There are TWO gleee lists in a ROW on my friendslist! I am a cog in the wheel of gleee-spreading and feel all useful in the world.

2. I have have been blamed given inspirational credit for TWO fanfics today!! indiefic wrote mini!OTP fic!, and jemster wrote her very first Atlantis fic that I am coincidentally involved in inspiring or something. And it has toy soldiers and 'ship in it, so you'd think it would kind of be like the whole Peter II and Catherine the Great thing, except that it's cute, and not historical and strange. Er... sometimes I flash back to Slavic Studies like other people flash back to bad acid trips.

3. I watched "The Bathtub Episode" of Voyager with mumsey, who was terribly disappointed to realize that it is not, in fact, actually called "The Bathtub Episode." We squeee'd. A lot. A LOT. And mocked the harlequin-romance-ness of Chakotay running through the woods to save Kathryn from the storm in that low-necked shirt. And then had a discussion on Whether Or Not They Did It A Lot. Further proof that there is, in fact, a gene for 'shippy geekiness.

4. Whirlpool after working out was just the right temperature. I am still half-melted and fuzzy and happy.

5. Good things have come from everywhere today. I guess that's kind of a vague gleee point, but really, all through today, every time I have been just about to get upset or despondent or depressed about something, someone will say something nice to me (the internet and my friends-list have been especially on the ball with the providing of joy) or something random and sweet will happen. Yay.

3 things I did well:

1. Ran and did weights. I feel duly de-mono'd.

2. Ate best dinner ever, which is both gleee and an accomplishment.

3. Shaved legs, which is both TMI and an accomplishment. *scratches off to-do list*

This gleee list has been brought to you by the number 2 and the letters EEE.

-- Little Red

p.s. *gasp* a gleee list without Red Sox? ... they have today off.

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