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the whine is in season

Edit the first: Unabashed whining follows. If you are interested only in gleee, proceed to the LJ-cut. And... forgive me later?

*whine*: Destroyed neck somehow two days back, probably from working out the past few weeks after so little physical activity for so long, probably a torn muscle or something else that's very painful and makes Little Red cry a lot. Ask anyone in a three-mile radius of me whenever I fell out of a tree or broke something as a kid -- I'm a sissy when it comes to physical pain.

I'm behind on emails, livejournal comments, friends list, voicemails, phone calls, yahoo, fanfic, work hours... I will chip away at the internet bits of that as long as my patience lasts for typing with my head turned sideways. *rolls eyes dramatically without moving head*

AND I DON'T GET TO GO TO WORK TONIGHT AND THEN SEE JAI UTTAL AND THE PAGAN LOVE ORCHESTRA IN CONCERT at my work place, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL. I have been squeaking joyfully about that for more than a month, because even though Jai Uttal is totally "Phil Collins Does East Indian Chanting" I still fawn and squeee over his voice. *kicks*

The upside: I still got to hang out with alosersdream yesterday, and we made an SG-1/Alias first-season trade! YAY!! I get to see Alias!

Everyone three years ago who was all "So this 'Jolt Central Intelligence' thing where y'all keep pretending to be spies undercover at Brown? YOU MUST SEE ALIAS." They were TOTALLY RIGHT. This is the ultimate Little Red show -- spies! intrigue! explosions! bad Russian! crazy and exciting hair!

I really don't know what's going on, of course, but I never really mind that sort of thing. So far it's a cross between a James Bond movie that never ends and Charlie's Angels. No nanobots a la Jake 2.0, sadly, although you would never be able to tell that from some of the stunts. (A.j.? You were so right -- she really would break in half.)

As far as the characters go... Syd makes me think of grad-student-Heather from the Russian department, because she looks and dresses like her (even, occasionally, when in disguise, because Heather totally wore killer fuck-me boots to class. She was, for the ex-JCI-folk reading this, one of the Hot Russian TAs from that debacle). I still haven't figured out why she doesn't just put grad school on hold until she's done with her vendetta of craziness

I'm yet to warm up to Vaughn (aside from "yeah, I'd so do him", because I would). I think that watching series on DVD quickly like this is very different than watching them in real TV-time, so I'll assume that if I had been watching this for three months instead of six hours he would seem l33t and capable instead of kinda naive and fanboy-y.

I love off her random girlfriend and random girlfriend's pop star fiance. That's just awesome.

I want her reporter friend to get whacked.

Her partner makes me squeee. He is a good boy.

I will totally and completely endorse besyd having Jack Bristow's babies. Totally. Because he freaking ROCKS. I would totally watch The Jack Bristow Show. And despite my usually ridiculous 'shippy tendencies ("if it moves I must PAIR IT WITH SOMETHING by the end of the pilot!") I am way more interested in Syd's relationship with her dad than with any more sexual relationship at this point.

I want her mom to be the KGB agent, just cuz. Len Deighton's "Berlin Game" is one of my favourite spy novels.

Of course, I'm kinda out of it and watching it very much the way I did Jake 2.0. "It's pretty and things move fast!!"

However, they played one of my all-time favourite hymns (shush, you! Just because I grew up in a heathen cult community doesn't mean I don't have favourite hymns!) in one scene, so I love off the show madly forever and ever, amen.

And then my mom came downstairs and said "Let's watch DS9 instead while I peel almonds", and next on our brave campaign to watch the whole series in order was "A Simple Investigation." Which kind of *is* an episode of Alias if you replace "random wigs" with "random plasticine on forehead space-age surgical alterations", but with less catfighting and more changeling sex.

-- Little Red, who will not start reading Alias fanfic NO.

p.s. My MOM is going to see Jai Uttal! *cries* NO FAIR!! And she's all "COME!" and I'm all "But I didn't go to work and PAIN and *bitchwhine*" Maybe I could go and just not move?

EDIT the second: I made it to the concert for one chant and a half. Now I hurt more, but feel less sorry for myself, so, YAY.

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