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In an act of reciprocal inspiration, cleverocity is totally reminding me to do this. I think I will work toward her skill of being able to write every numbered gleeepoint each in one sentence :)

5 good things about today:

1. Email of random brotherly love from victorycabbage!

2. Received neck massage from my parents' friend who's in town for the month. Mmmmm. And she wants me to knit her a shawl or a poncho! And I want massage in trade. Yessss.

3. alosersdream is awesome, and we hung out and made guacamole and watched old-skool SG-1 and new-to-me Alias. YAY! I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of spending more time with her, because every time we hang out I go "my little kripalusister is so COOL!!" and then it takes us forever to hang out and be cool again.

4. mystic_isles000 called me, making my Kripalu family bonding day

5. Being randomly geekish with besyd.

3 things I did well:

1. Held head straight! All day!

2. Left house. Well, only to Kaya's. But that's two towns away. And it was yay, and knitting was even accomplished :)

3. Learned to make guacamole!

-- Little Red

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