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my joy sadhana is so linkable

5 good things about today:

1. I want to have's babies right now, a lot. I can now spam music illegally at people and be illegally spammed more easily! daygloparker wins for exposing me to this.

2. shewaselectric made me an icon!! Just for me! And I'm not entirely sure what it says because I am blind, but people are wet and very hot in it and that gives me joy. And lyssie wrote amusing ficlet for me too, involving a magic 8-ball! I am so karmically indebted, meme-wise.

3. Had the following conversation with father today:

Dad: I need to go to town on an errand. You need to follow me in your car just in case.
Me: Um. Okay. Where?
Dad: You know Joe? Under the bridge?
Me: This sounds... untoward.
Dad: You know... for inspection, he pastede on my car door.
Me: Yay?

Blowtorch Joe really does exist and his garage really is under a bridge, and the sign is a piece of plywood with "JOE" and a phone number handpainted on it, in case you were wondering. Anecdotes from my county.

4. At work I met a very cool professor of Sanskrit who called my name pretty (and pronounced it way better than I can!) and broke it down for me to try and figure out what it means :) Apparently, it's linguistically related to truth (satya), but it also has something to do with creativity and... a word that isn't excellence, but starts with an a and is a good thing. Aspiration? A... something. Brain like seive, but my name is still a good thing. Yay!

5. John/Lizzie porn all over the place upon my return home -- pixiesio writes fic with a holiday title but it is not holiday-themed, except for where I say "hallelujah!" for this fic and jemster makes them do it in a puddle jumper but good.

3 things I did well:

1. At work, helped a bunch of awesome people find lots of random crazy stuff.

2. Got self to chiropractor.

3. Wrote out calendar of appointments for the rest of the week.

I think it's seeming stranger and stranger to be writing this livejournal full of occasionally porny fanfic and fandom ridiculousness read by my friends and relations (and to inflict the this-is-my-random-life parts on the people who are probably only here for the occasional handouts of porn and fic). Probably because I so rarely see so many of you, and that means you can't mock me in person! :) I trust that all you Kappas and Kripaluites and Toronto folk can skip anything that will make you embarrassed to know me... or forgive me, at least :) If I can wrap my brain around a way to properly filter this or separate my journals or something that doesn't make me go "You are way fucking overthinking this, Sachi, everyone knows you're a scary geek", then maybe I will do. Er... make suggestions if you care or tell me to get over myself. *shrugs*

Unifying my disparate images seemed really, really important and like a fabulous idea when I started this thing... I just worry that I'm annoying people a lot.

-- Little Red

p.s. The Rhode Island state flag is really cool. I want to go back to my little state now.

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