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gleee is the new black

5 good things about today:

1. BOSTON RED SOX WIN GAME 1!! Curt Schilling, Kevin Millar, Manny, Johnny... I love you all like the crazy fangirl I am. As is Kappa tradition (1 year is a tradition!) to knit frantically during postseason games to avoid clawing furniture and other people, I am knitting actual red socks.

2. Watched Vice-Presidential Debate. This fandom-based concept of licking people has eluded me up until now, but I really want to lick John Edwards. My dad didn't even think it was weird that I said that out loud. Why can't those two run for President instead?

3. Correspondence with lisayeager. MAINE!!

4. A.j. and I created "pants!verse: Delta Quadrant." Apparently the new mission of our friendship is to seek out and destroy all self-inflicted-by-stupidity-character-angst and replace it with squeee. NO SHOW IS SAFE. ... Except maybe B5, because I have no idea how anyone could turn that one into a bundle of well-adjusted psyches and happy squeee.

5. Am wrapped in down comforter right now.

3 things I did well:

1. Invented new exciting dish for dinner!

2. Went to shortest doctor's appointment in the history of the universe with nutritionist. Am on the right track!

3. Went intrepidly to various shopping centres.

And thus begins seven months of my mood being "cold." *looks forward lots to first woodstove fire...*

p.s. Go Pedro! Game 2! Eeee!

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