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aj wrote me a preemptive drabble and enabled (demanded) that I post that first-line meme that everyone and their cat have done today! I wasn't going to yet, because I haven't done anyone else's so far (but I want to!), so I point and blame A.j. for this post :)

I left the character names in, feel free to change/mutilate/reinterpret/crossfandom/enjoy. On the whole this exercise has left me feeling un-writerly-cool, so take my first lines and make them ART for me :) Write pairings I like! Convert me to pairings I don't like! Wheeeee!

(in case anyone is a stickler for this sort of thing, ones with asterisks after them are unfinished and/or unposted as of yet)

1) "Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this?"
2) "You're drunk."
3) Oh, God, he's naked.
4) Elizabeth doesn't blame him for being angry.
5) Dr. Janet Fraiser was not pleased.
6) So this was what it came down to.
7) "Huh?"
8) Catherine returns a day early from her three-week survey and surprises him in the shower. *
9) "He's driving me nuts." *
10) She was going to die. *
11) John Sheppard wakes up to a warm body and, somehow, relaxes a little more.
12) It's late at night, Atlantis-time, but John is still surprised that she's asleep when he knocks.
13) John likes the way she shivers when he touches her.
14) hands running everywhere, tongues, lips, teeth biting down on--
15) Except for the low buzz of the radio, the drive home was quiet. *
16) The whole way back to the SGC she doesn't speak. *
17) "He's going into shock!"
18) And suddenly, in his cold, stale kitchen, grocery bags piled at her feet and him whistling into the freezer at her side like nothing had happened, it caught up with her and she couldn't stop it.
19) Sam Carter is officially sick of P4J-333. *
20) He would never have imagined that the biggest problem Sam Carter would have with his house would be his toaster.


I am disappearing for the weekend to lisayaeger's, so reciprocal drabbles may be slightly delayed...

*love* to all!

-- Little Red, creative lemming.

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