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And now for something completely pointless: I hate textured yarn. Really. I do.

Fortunately, it looks like when I'm done making ten thousand swatches to find a knit-up pattern for a warm-weather poncho for my mom's friend that does not look HORRIBLE, I will be all out of it. Arg.

It's pink, too.

I've found some ideas for open-work patterns on, but they're all knit with ribbon or tape, have lots of SSKs and are just ANNOYING to knit on textured yarn and big needles.

She's going to put fringe on it anyway, and the needles *are* huge, so I think I could get away with doing straight stockinette stitch... but I'm pretty sure she wants it more open-work than that because she lives in the carribean. Mmrph. I wanted this project to be easy and brainless.

(if any of you knitting folk have any good ideas... please share!! The yarn is mohair-y and is kinda between medium and bulky weight. I have big needles, and plan to do the Simplest Poncho Pattern Ever of knitting up two rectangles and sewing them together)

It does amuse me, however, that there's a warning on my bigass size 19 needles that "bodily harm can result if used for anything other than this product's intended purpose, which is NEEDLEWORK ONLY." Heh. *mind goes dirty places and mocks stupid people*

Ignore me, I'm just having a bitchy day :)

... lacking a knitting icon, I bring you this rather wonderful icon of a goat that *somehow* made it onto my computer, but I have no idea how. (aside to shipwithpants folk: THE GOAT KNOWS!! Sam and Jack do not know. But the goat knows!)

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