Little Red (mylittleredgirl) wrote,
Little Red

my kingdom for a gleee list

I have been remiss in my gleee-lists lately, but not for lack of gleee.

I don't think I ever even publically adored lisayaeger for hosting me last weekend and being *wonderful.* You have no idea how good and important getting away for a weekend was to me. So much squeee!! Why can't Enterprise have a season premiere EVERY month?

And today:

5 good things about today:

1. Got called in to work! Which is joy, because I wasn't going to work until Saturday, and because this let me put off getting my books for my Incomplete until next week go play with real live people YAY.

2. Saw the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life in the shop today. I'm going to have lunch with my mom at work tomorrow on the off chance that he will show up and I can look at him again. (For the curious, because I know at least one of you is: tall and looked like he had both african-american and chinese in his heritage. Smile to die for, and really, I almost did.)

3. Played Beauty Salon with Kim after work, whirlpool, sauna, facial masks, all that silly stuff.

4. maching_monkey wrote me a ficlet thing for that meme where everyone writes me ficlet-things! So nice to wake up to. FORD! :)

5. Best pumpkin spice cookie I have ever had EVER. Alternative Baking Company. MMMMM.

3 things I did well:

1. Wrote a mini!OTP ficlet for anr... *note to self: must collect these things and post in own journal.

2. Went to work when called in.

3. Arranged trip to Rhode Island for Sunday for meeting!! GLEEE!

Also, I am John Sheppard and good with chocolate, apparently.

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-- Little Red, lots of happy.

p.s. I KEEP THE FAITH AND THERE IS SO MUCH HOPE in my wee corner of Red Sox fandom OMG *fangirls Arroyo*. We are setting them up for the big hustle. OH YES.

p.p.s. omg! more gleee! LOOK at the icon lifelongfling made me!!

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